Niece is better!(:

So my niece has been sick since Sunday. And we took her to the hospital. The day after that (today) I took her to her doctor. They say it seems like she had althe stomach flu. Today her appetite came back. She’s been asking for food. Playful and talkative. So she went to school today!(: I’m glad she back to her old self!(: 


as as for my baby she’s loving school! And she’s excited to go and learn things!(: no incidents today…awesome!(: those 3 hours of school goes by so fast!!! I only have time to clean and half cook lol. By September her dad’s schedule will change so I’ll only be taking her to school 2-3 days/: but I’ll have her for the weekend!(: and I’ll be able to see her at school since I’ll be taking my niece!(: and this week I’ll have her since her dad can’t take her…so bonus!(: 


so far things are great. Our communication is good. And we are handling things like adults. I’m also updating my nieces parents daily with pictures and summaries of her day(: so far I’m breathing and walking on the right path even if it isn’t the one I planned or thought of. I can still go to college when I’m 90 lol

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  1. You sound like you are so very busy with your niece and your daughter. They will bring you such joy. Kids have a way of making us smile and they brighten the day.

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