Sunday Dreaming

Today was an amazing day.

I had planned to have a massive sleep in as i don’t get much sleep usually during the week, but i naturally woke up at 7.30 so decided to make the most of the day. I don’t often have nothing planned lately so I thought i would make the most of it. I wandered down to the famers market in the crisp morning sun, grabbed myself a coffee and picked out some fresh veg and herbs. I then got inspired and felt creative so I went for a drive and found some old pallets someone had left on the street so decided to make a planter box. I went and got myself some organic plants and soil. It was a success!! My planter box looks amazing!!! My dad bought me round some of his tools an gave me a few instructions on how to best pull apart the pallets and safety of course. I recycled all the old nails and insured it was all natural and untreated wood. 

Little things like getting in the garden and using your hands to make things is so good for the mind. I have been finding it hard to tap into my creative brain lately and doing stuff like this gives me so much joy. Depression and sadness is a hard thing to deal with. Trying to get yourself motivated to do things because you know you will feel better if you do. Everyday feels like a challenge lately, but then you have days like today and you realise if you keep doing what you are doing eventually it will just be normal to do things and make a choice to be active and motivated. The power of your mind is incredible, we can literally trick our mind into thinking we are happy. positive thoughts are a huge part of happiness. If we think positively our lives will be better. 

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