Dry Veins


A sickness with no name
Need someone to blame
Fuck this shit
I’m tired of being sick
One word for it, then there’s two
Not one thing wrong, but also something new
Adding to a list, that is turning blue

Genetics is said, what a damn joke
I was just broken, a faulty yolk
Look to the wheel, wooden pegs of diagnosis
Spin it to collect, your new neurosis

Skull throbbing
Body sobbing
Confusion in thought,
I must be stuck,
Trying to breath behind this clot
I can’t move forward
Lips sewn shut
Not a word is pouring, what the fuck

Trapped inside
I start to sink
Find that hollow place and try to think
Hiding behind faces that multiply
Sliding off, just in time
Letting me adjust, only to sigh

On this rollercoaster
Going higher and higher
I feel the edge, so close to the fire
Just to go over, being thrown straight down
Black as black, I plummet to the ground
Now stuck in the shadows, fighting my unsound

This bottle I hold so close
Sorrow to pain, mixed with some sadness
I become Alice
Down the rabbit hole
See all the bottles, start to grow
Next are the pieces, shrinking to know
These bottles and pieces are not like mine
I look into it and see no shine
Full to the brim, everything shoved so close
Piled with feelings and emotions, that I won’t touch
Waiting and waiting, for that moment to burst
For now I feel nothing and only speak cursed
I know I’m falling and falling upside right
There is only infinite to my blight

I cannot see the world as clearly anymore
My eyes are sore, scratched and poor
I don’t hear that much, of which you speak
My ears are clogged, from all the bullshit you leak

I am tired
So very tired of it all
I have these bricks, for my brick walls
Behind them sits, bullshit drywall
I can’t take losing anymore
It takes everything of me, it takes it all
I live on my knees, begging Universe please
Never an answer, never a glimpse of mercy
Not even a shadow, I walk empty

These veins of mine, are officially dry
And my mind, is eating me alive
I find the time and look twice
I stand ready, hands full of dice
I throw them to fly
Not knowing the number, I still say goodbye.


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