After my spm, i got a new phone which is after i couple with visagan on 30/10/14. So , after visagan , a guy came into my life. This guy , i knew him since form 3 also but he’s working at singapore now. He loved me alot and so i love him but we both doesnt meant for each other. We will keep fighting but we still love each other. During this time , i found that visagan clashed with vennetha and i was fucking happy , he cheated me and so now they broke up. I didn’t care about him but after breakup with her , he met with an accident again and broke his eye bones. He had a operation to apply plate in his right eye bone. I just messaged him , told him to take care , that’s all. He sended friend request in fb , at first i don’t wanted to accept but i already have bf so i accept his request. I update lots of status about love , boyfriend and after i broke up with that guy , i update status about future etc. He will like my status , even sometimes will comment. That one day , he msg me in fb and told that he loving me. Ofc i didn’t believe and i dont wanna believe. For sure he will cheat me again and again and again. He promised me that i can believe him this time. He promised me he will love me and care me like last time. He regret his mistakes. It was soo hard for me to accept his proposal again but in the end i accept him into my life ❤

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