a little glimpse of Growing up in Chicago (My Personal experience)

So a lot of people ask me how it was for me to grow Up in Chicago. Now this is my personal experience, not saying everyone who has grown up in Chicago has had this experience, this is about ME.


As far back as I remember I was about 9 years old, I had one friend who lived in the same apartment building as me at the time, We grew up since diapers together. I believe I spent most of my days at her house playing Mario Kart and eating authentic Mexican and Puerto Rican food. We were inseparable, it was like we both became a part of each others family. We are still best friends to this day. Now being the only white girl on the block was kind of tough though. I never tried to “fit in” because I have always tried to be myself and if people decided to befriend me then so be it. I have heard every kind of racial slur you could imagine…but I never let that bother me, I just kept my head up and felt strong. Anyway I got along with most of the kids there, Got into fights every now and then, my daddy always told me to “Never start a fight, but always finish it”. But of course if you won the fight you basically had to watch your back for a while because you would get jumped by like 5 people because they were a sore loser and cant handle their business themselves. And then there were the gangs…oh man you had the gangs from both sides trying to get you to join…thankfully I was raised better and learned how to survive on my own rather than having other people handle my business for me. But to each their own, I remember one time when I was a kid, there was a turf war that was happening outside my apartment which involved the swat team, it was the most scariest moment I think id ever experienced in my life. Of course we were watching out the window because everyone was nosey… it lasted for almost 6 hours, I was super scared because I was at home, my mom was at work, and about ready to come home and my dad was trying to be calm about the whole situation. Thankfully my mother heard the news and just stayed at work until it was safe to come home, in the mean time there was a Chinese family who didn’t know what was going on and sent their kid who at that time was younger than me to the store, my dad quickly grabbed him and put him to safety in our home, made him call his parents and I guess my dad knew his dad, so was very thankful that he grabbed his son to safety.

School was another story, I actually didn’t go to a school around our house but School wasn’t the easiest either, trying to learn while you are getting made fun of cuz you don’t have the newest Jordan’s on like everyone else (I’ve never owned Jordan’s in my life, nor was I bullied cuz I never took any shit from anyone) I was a K swiss and Adidas girl back in the day lol my sister used to hook me up cuz she had a job, and no bills to pay at the time so she spoiled me. I seen so many kids get picked on and it was horrible, bad parenting I think was the problem, my parents would have whooped my ass if I bullying anyone.  I never spend tons of time worrying what I wore or put on makeup like all the other girls, I was such a tomboy…still kind of one now. I struggled in school because I was bored, and because my sister taught me things prior to being taught in school, it didn’t interest me when it was being introduced, I was bored with it already, but I graduated and got my 8th grade graduation diploma.

Then there was high school…I HATED MY HIGHSCHOOL!!! those 4 years there were the worst ever, not to mention I met my first boyfriend who eventually became my Husband…who then became my ex husband lol longest 10 years of my life lol but I will NOT bash him owr get into our fucked up marriage we had at all…..getting back to high school… again people judge others on what they wear…except now it was the colors you wore, it was a constant battle like what the fuck does it matter what colors I wear, if it looks good I’m fucking wearing it… oh no it was all about what gang you were involved or representing with the clothing you wore…shit half the time I wore sweat pants with a white t-shirt, cuz I was lazy and didn’t want to “look pretty’ all the time. High school was a fucking joke to me, I did all my work, ditched class but still ended up graduating. that school was a fucking joke, They knew of all the violence and shit that went on there but did nothing to fix it…they even had crooked ass security guards who sold weed and bought weed from students.. my freshman year I got into a fight with a girl and the security guard stole the chain right off my neck and lied straight to me and my moms face about it. saw him wearing it a week later. I saw a kid get stabbed in the eye with a pencil, his eyeball was hanging , it was gross, I saw 5 girls jump one girl, cornering her by a door, and the security guards just let it happen. We used to smoke cigarettes in the bathroom and never get in trouble too…it was so ghetto. Even the girls would take pregnancy test in the girls bathroom..fucked up huh? they had metal detectors and scanners at the entrances, had women patting down the female students because they hid weapons ad drugs in their titties, it was crazy! If I were to write a book on my high school experience it would probably sell very well lol. what I’m sharing with you in this journal entry is not even a quarter of what happened on a day to day basis. I’m glad I finally graduated that fucked up school, got my diploma and left, I never even dressed up like all the other girls, I wore a tank top and some jeans with flip flops, as soon as I got my diploma I left. I was so happy to be done with that place it was sad.

that’s just a glimpse, I’m glad I’m not raising my kids there

Chicago is “the windy city” to others…..to me its “Home”…a fucked up place to live


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