Being Real


In Chinese class, I interview Xiwei and she believed that authentic leadership was about being a genuine person. But there was a stimulating standpoint she made, which was that, to her it means not being manipulative and putting one’s priorities over other people. This was very close to her because in Beijing, she’s worked with many leaders in competitive environments who put theirs needs ahead of others in order to look good. Like Tina, she doesn’t believe people are born with it but she does believe that it’s more of an easy process for some people compared to others. There are some who have the natural ability to pick it up and while for others, it may take time. Talking to Xiwei, I haven’t taken into consideration of what makes an inauthentic leaders. After this, I questioned whether if I was an authentic or inauthentic leader, so I filled out the questionnaire to see what I could potentially fall under. And yes! I am an authentic leader, I just have to find that ambition again!

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