Friday at long last!

I have had my Indian for one week and it has been awesome!

I have ridden many more miles on the Highway than ever before as this bike is a Highway machine! Just roll into the throttle and set the cruise control and it is like going down the road sitting in your recliner.

Debbie had her surgery on Wednesday and it went very good! The surgeon said the damage was worse than the MRI revealed, but then again the MRI was dome back in February and she has been put through physical therapy twice and never told to not use the foot/ankle/leg, so of course the damage was more than seen 6 months ago.

Post operatively her pain appears to be less, even with the surgical site pain. Hopefully this will take care of her and end the agony she has lived with. I am happy and relieved, I think God for her, and need her. It will be fun to have our life together again.

I am currently at work, waiting to see if I can get a crew to do a rush job, only time will tell.

Have a blessed day!


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