I don’t even know how this happened…how could I feel anything for anyone else but you? How could I let my guard down? How could I open my heart to possibilities I thought were impossible? I’m so afraid of being hurt…again. I don’t want to feel foolish for caring or thinking that fate was in play. What if this is more of my karma waiting to finish me off? I dont know what to do…he’s like you, you know…very sweet and I dont think he would hurt me on purpose…but I wish I would’ve known there was a speed bump up ahead. I think I fell into a false sense of security that I haven’t earned and have no right to expect. I’m not desperate…I could be with lots of guys if I wanted..but none of them are right for me even if they like me….I’m confused and tired and if not for this issue I would feel happy…the anxiety is hard to deal with…..

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