Love at First Sight

I can say that love at first sight exists.  I’ve experienced it twice.  The first time I will explain in a short while.  The second time was the birth of my soon-to-be seven month old nephew who fills my heart with such joy just by his smiling face.  I know that any future nephews, nieces, and (Lord willing) my own child(ren) will be the same way where my whole being will just love them at first glance.  Actually, I think I loved my nephew the moment I knew of his existence and will be the same for my own child(ren).

Anyhow, the first time I fell in love at first sight:

It has been almost nine years since I first saw him and fell in love.  The love I felt went beyond physical attraction (though there was that too).  It felt almost spiritual like a kindred spirit.  My heart loved him instantly.  I felt like I knew him somehow, and in that first glance, a bond existed that cannot be defined or explained – even now.

We developed a friendship, and the more I got to know him, the deeper I fell.  We took our friendship to the next level after three years in each other’s lives.  I still remember how loving and tender his kisses felt upon my lips especially the first time.  Three years of romance and then it ended.  Too many barriers, too many walls, and insecurity made it very difficult and impossible though we tried.  A year of absence between us after we ended.  It was hard for me but it was necessary. 

On a sunny day out-of-the-blue,  I received a message from him about how his life, priorities, and perspectives have drastically changed.  I knew at that moment that an “us” will never be again, and in time, I’ve become accepting of it.

We still keep in touch on a somewhat daily basis as dear friends.   We share the happenings of our lives, thoughts, feelings, and interests to each other.  We both have grown so much and life has grown with us.  We are both different in some ways and yet remain the same back when we first met.  He’s been in my life for so long that it’s hard for me to fathom life devoid of him.  He’ll always be a part of me.

I love him still even in a different hue.  I love the many facets of him… his sensitivity, his humor, his intelligence, his strength, his stubbornness, his strong will – every angle of him.  We still share a close bond that is irrefutable and one that transcends this lifetime (at least for me).

I consider myself blessed to have experienced love at first sight and even more blessed to have been loved by him.  My hope and prayer is that the next time I fall in love at first sight with someone, Lord willing, it will be my husband – the one whom my soul waits for.



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