My thoughts on plastic surgery

Yesterday my darling mother subjected me to watching botched celebrity bodies, which i must admit did make my stomach churn, im not one for watching people being cut open in any kind of surgical way but it seems to me like certain surgeries just go way past the line of what anyone should actually do to the human body.

I fully understand necessary procedures i.e if you are really mentally and or physically distressed in anyway and surgery is the only option, then i fully understand going under the knife but its when it goes too far and the person in question starts picking tiny imperfections and resorting to major intrusive procedures to “fix” this “problem”.

one procedure that had me so mortified i was actually bouncing around my chair wondering “why in the holy hell anyone in their right minds would do this to themselves” is an intraocular implant… a procedure where they actually slice around the iris and remove the section of your eye that holds the colour then jam a different colour implant back in there…. words cannot decribe how fucking horrific it looks and i cannot comprehend why you would let anyone (i dont care what their qualifications may be) cut open your eye just to change the colour of them. It just seems far too drastic for me and most definetly one of the top surgeries guarenteed to enduce vomiting.

Another one that gets me is nose surgery, I just cant wrap my head around how it is even remotely safe to take a hammer and a chisel to someones face… i mean seriously a HAMMER and a CHISEL! what the hell was the first doctor that ever fixed someones nose thinking? surely one too hard a whack and the poor person with their slightly wonky nose wont have to worry about it being wonky when they have a chisel buried sinus deep in their skull O_O

I dont condemn anyone that feels they need plastic surgery in the slightest but i just hope that anyone considering it, is doing it for the right reasons and through a proped trained surgeon. You always hear horror stories of things going terribly wrong durin or after certain surgeries or people getting addicted to plastic surgery and ending up looking like a melted barbie doll or donnatella versacce.

I hope anyone reading this knows that they are beautiful 🙂

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on plastic surgery”

  1. Eurgh tell me about it! Ive always wanted bigger boobs but would never let someone slice me open for them, just seems unnecessary 0_0
    Ahh who doesn’t love a good rock concert? There’s nothing better than getting to the front barriers too 😀 I hate it when people think that people like us who like alternative music can’t possibly be good parents -_- when in fact I think in some cases we’re better far more open minded and fun 🙂 not saying that all other “normal” parents are crap like but there’s no need to judge just by how we look… Its like come one people are we adults or still in high school? I have tattoos too and the kids love them especially the ones dedicated to them and they live helping me pick my hair colours, especially the girls who always want me to style my hair like some my little pony or another 🙂

  2. Hi girls!) Our people are over the age of 50 usually do not accept tattoo, but tattooed 30-40 years people have coming into their rights) I have a few friends with fully tattooed arms and legs. they have children. My generation (I’m 28 years old) thinks it’s acceptable. We are more loyal in our views. I have a friend who because of a metabolic disorder, half of her life weighed about 140 kg(1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds). Three years ago she had surgery to remove part of the stomach. It was a necessity that brought her happiness. But her skin was left hanging and she embarrassed it and wants to do surgery to remove excess skin. Now she weighs about 70 kg

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