I feel disturbed by the hurricane that is  coming somewhat in our direction.  It is named Matthew, same as my darling grandson.  I hope he doesn’t hear things about “Matthew is very bad,” and think they are talking about him.  Crazy little things worry me when a hurricane is coming.  When I was three-years-old we had to drive (Mom and uncle) from Miami to Virginia in the path of a hurricane.  I remember (yes, after all these years) the driving rain, the impaired visibility, and the fear that my dad would catch up with us.  Hurricanes make me a little hysterical ever since.  Also, I am aware of people who really are in danger (in our locale, it will probably be just rain and wind, not too bad we hope).  But a lot of people are being asked to evacuate; they will lose their homes and some may lose their lives.  May God have mercy on those who are affected by the storm.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane”

  1. We’re affected as well. We are good ways inland so there hasn’t been much mention how this might effect the us. I worry about tornados and strong wings that the storm might generate. Admittedly I love storms and I’m in awe of mother nature, but I pray that we lose no lives when it hits.

    Stay safe my friend. May God hear your prays. May mother earth protect us.

  2. Thank u, and I know how u feel about hurricane Mathew, because some of my family are in the path that the hurricane is taking. Me and some of the rest of my family were planning to go and see them this weekend, but plans changed cause of hurricane Mathew. I have plans now, but I was really looking forward to seeing family this weekend…

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