Game night Thursday!

Had a very long sleep today! Felt much better when I work up in the morning today! However, it didn’t last long enough. I got tired again around 2 PM. Felt like I’m getting a headache or dizziness for rest of the day till couple hours before. Got better when I got home and took a shower but it wasn’t a good feeling at work even at the game night after work.

Felt so weird for first hour at the game night. Felt like I got high but I only had a bottle of beer. This actually gets me really worried that I might have something going on with my health? Maybe I have to see a doctor again. I get tired too easily nowadays and it does not seem to be normal.

Work was pretty good. Excited for the new dashboard theme. I really think that we can pull up an amazing new site all together! My side project is coming along nicely too. Got a error message part done for the follow section. Still need an email validation but moving on for now. Still need to figure out the group feature tho.

11:09 PM already and I want to go to sleep now! Hopefully I feel recharged by tomorrow! Goodnight All

One thought on “Game night Thursday!”

  1. Are you drinking plenty of water and getting any exercise? These will help. Also a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Walking is the best exercise. I know what it’s like to feel tired too much of the time. See a doctor if it gets worse. Maybe your thyroid is low. But instead of second-guessing, I will just say a prayer for you to have “the joy of the Lord which is your strength.” In Jesus’ Name. Hope you feel lots better soon!

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