I’m feeling very un-Goddess like tonight (or should I say this morning since its 3:25 am). I’m over worked, exhausted, stressed out, and in a total slump. My energy is off kilter.

Without saying too much (because I don’t want to trash talk or say something I’ll regret), I recently found out somebody has been lieing to me about a key issue for well over a month. What they did greatly upsets me. Them lieing to me about it, well that crushes me – hence slump.

I’m trying to see this all from an outsiders perspective. If my feelings weren’t on the line here, what would I advice? Then again there’s a huge back story to all this as to why it’s having such a profound effect on me. Ugh. Where do I go up from here?!?!!

I can faintly in the back corner of my mind hear Charlie’s mom singing “Cheer up Charlie”. You know the song. It’s from the original Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll charge up Ye old IPOD and go for a drive by myself. Towards the coast is a big no go with all the flooding, but I can always go upstate instead. Finally I have a day off and I just feel like I’m suffocating. This stinks. I’m fixating, aren’t I.

Okay. Step 1. Stop fixating. Mistakes are made. No one is immune. Life goes on. Make life go on. That answers that. Tomorrow I’m busting out of here and going for a ride.

Step 2. Work on step 1 before figuring out where to go from here.

5 thoughts on “Slump”

  1. You’re not fixating hun like you said you need a drive and to process this bit of information, to be honest your going about it the right way if it was me I would explode. Glad to hear the weather didn’t hit you and I hope you have a nice drive, get the wind in your hair and blast those tunes I’m sure you’ll feel better after that 🙂

  2. I’m truly sorry you got hurt. Lying is a big wrong. And it must have been about something important to you—-at least the truth was important. You are handling it really well, like Darylanna said. Be free, today. Sing in the car. Scream in the car if you need to (not in heavy traffic LOL) —I’ve done this when I was in excruciating pain, out in the country with the windows up, nobody around anywhere. It helped. Say what you need to say — to the air. Let it out. Ask the Spirit to lift you up above this chaos in your soul. Hugs and love to you.

  3. Thanks. I’m already feeling a bit better.

    It’s the lieing that really bothers me. As an empath I get a very strong sense of when people are deceitful. (There is an actual smell involved). This person knows that about me. So why bother being dishonest? The truth always come to the surface. I take it as an affront, like they think I’m stupid.

  4. I hate lies too sweets, really grips my craw its even worse when you can tell (I always say to the kids I can smell when their lying didnt know it was a real thing!) You end up feeling more angry for the exact reason you said its like they think your stupid, makes you want to jab them in the eye with a rusty fork -_-

  5. So sorry for the breach of trust through a lie. Amazing how something like this can effect us.
    Hope you did find escape, and happy you avoided the flooding. Must be an East Coaster?
    Be safe, be happy.
    Have a blessed and glorious day!

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