Do you like how you look in pictures?

I don’t know if I’m letting myself go or am not devoting enough time to the picture taking process, but lately I hate how I look in photographs. I used to be excited to get a notification of a picture I’d been tagged in. Now? I’m untagging myself in all of them. I see fat. Kinked hair. Double chin. I used to be the girl your eyes were automatically drawn to. If anyone I went to public school were to glance a recent snap shot of me they’d probably save it and send it to a friend so they could make fun of how ugly and fat I look. I’ve done that enough times to other people so I expect nothing less in return. I somewhat blame my husband. I don’t have a working phone (wifi only) so it falls on him to take any pictures as I rarely bring it with me when we go out. I’m going to get a phone. I know he won’t like it, but I’m tired of not having one. He’s going to have to man up and trust me. Until then, I’m going to spend more time taking photos, even if I have to upload them much later when I’m home.

3 thoughts on “Do you like how you look in pictures?”

  1. Kittycurse is right. A lot of people FEEL fat and ugly when they really are not at all so.
    Are you beautiful on the inside? I’m betting yes. And you probably have a glow that doesn’t show up in photos. People tell me I’m beautiful (for my age) but pictures don’t show it. I don’t feel beautiful at all. I was anorexic for a couple of years when I was younger. You don’t want to do that! Some people are not photogenic. Try to let it be okay with you. Your beautiful aura doesn’t show up on camera. You can’t see into beautiful eyes in a picture. Be yourself and know you’re lovely. Hugs.

  2. @kittycurse: I’m feeling a little better, thank you! I kind of like Mondays because they have that fresh start kind of feeling so I’m feeling more in control over my food selection. And no, I’m not actually fat and ugly, but if I don’t get a handle on things I will be soon enough…

    @savedbygrace: Being beautiful on the inside is easy. I’m not worried about that. It’s being beautiful on the outside that’s a lot of work. I don’t care about a glow. I want to look good. I have an eating disorder as well which is why I’m so hard on myself when it comes to my appearance. Also, I used to BE photogenic. That’s what has me so worried!

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