Too much going on. Happy and sad things. Need to put it in writing. My sister’s birthday is tomorrow. Her second birthday since her passing. The first one last year was a very hard day for me.  I just need to acknowledge that it will be an emotional day for me, my parents, my siblings, her kids, her husband – and love myself a little more. Send them all healing, love, light.  D’s “gotcha day” is Friday. We acknowledge her and S’s (in Feb) day every year with a little something – little gift, an outing of some sort.  Mom’s birthday comes right after on Saturday.  I want so badly to be there with her again this year and I’m sad that I can’t be.  Tomorrow we take W to the vet.  Friday evening D goes to her 1st school dance. She will go with her girl friends.  Sweet.

Life is so messy. But it is beautifully messy. Everything is a cycle. The cycles never stop. They can’t be stopped. We can only be in the flow with them.

3 thoughts on “93”

  1. I will pray for you to have peace about your sister. It is beautiful that you love your whole family so very much! You are right about cycles. God bless you.

  2. If it is okay, could you please explain what a “gotcha day” is? I am very curious.

    My heart, prayer, and healing light goes out to your family and extended family as the time comes for you to reflect upon those who are no longer here with you.

    Keep us updated on the vet visit!

    Love & Light

  3. Thank you for your kind words Grace and Goddess.

    “Gotcha day” is a term used in the adoption world – it is the day we “got” our child – held them in our arms for the very first time.

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