Debbie Update….

 I have not written in a while….

 Debbie is out of her cast, but back in a walking boot, but not allowed to put any weight on the foot. So she is still limited to living in bed, using a walker to get to the bathroom and going out in a wheel chair. Debbie’s mother is still spending her days here, sitting with Debbie until I come home from work. Mother does dishes and works in the yard when Debbie sleeps, so even I am gaining something.

 Once the cast was off and we were able to look at her foot I thought it looked fantastic, but Debbie is freaking out about the dried skin and healing blisters from being in the cast. I have tried to calm her about this, but she is upset and calling the Doctor and now sending photos via email. I think she is over reacting. 

 And since the cast has been off she has been in pain that is about the level she was at post operative, and I cannot figure out why? I do not think she is taking her pain management medication as prescribed. She was upset that when she went to the Pain Management Doctor they took a prescription from the Surgeon and disposed of it as it is a violation to have pain prescriptions from two different Doctors. In my opinion she should not have had the extra medication to put back and if she was going to do this then she should have realized that if taken in they would be destroyed. When we started with this Doctor we got a packet of information explaining all of this.

 Also she is having anxiety and panic issues, she has a prescription for Xanax, but again she is not using it to maintain, she is waiting till she is in distress and trying to battle it then. It looks like she is trying to put back, to save medications.

 Debbie is non-weight bearing until November 22.

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