Part Of Life

I have no idea of what I want right now. I feel so alone inside.  There’s not one person that would understand what I go through everyday of my life. People always take advantage of me or doubt me in every way that I am. Nobody’s perfect. I try to become of what I am. But, who am I? I am a person trying to reconnect with the world and with the people I love. My family. There’s a part of me that I lost a long time ago. I lost my family who I use to be very close to. And then one day; everything just fell apart. There’s one thing that I hate about them. I hate being ignored. A part of me left myself thinking that maybe I’m not meant to be happy. Well, hey, that’s life, right? A part of life is to succeed in everything and keep believing in yourself. Love yourself and have faith in yourself. I don’t love myself but I do have faith in myself. Because without faith; God wouldn’t have gave me the special gift. A gift that I can write the most beautiful-lest things in the world. For many people to know what being in love feels like or what will it would be like if they were. Everyone goes through a tough day; everyday. Some may not like it; some may do. But that doesn’t mean you have to hate yourself for that. If you could redo your life over again; would you want to??? Pay attention to the things that I am saying. You are stronger than you think. You may not know it; but deep inside; you know you are. Just believe and you’ll get there. Cause someday; you will be so proud that you can do anything you wished for. And if it doesn’t come true, then, well, you might just get a miracle. When we’re apart from each other; there’s not one moment you can’t share with. All the love and support you shared with them. Cause the heart wants what the hearts wants. You just have to be yourself and follow your heart. Things will happen… someday. As what everybody says: Anything is possible if you just believe. So…, believe and let go. Believe in the love and the life you have for someone and let go of the past and achieve your goals. Does any of this make sense?

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  1. That was beautiful. Every thing happens for a reason and everything will work itself out, even if that seems like total bullshit right now. Just keep your head up!

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