I don’t know what to do today…

Eurgh!! I don’t know what to do with meself today -_- its so frustrating! The weather is crappy (always seems to make me feel worse) and money is tight so activities are on the non exsistant list (not that there’s much to do here anyway) so I’m resigned to boredom -_-

On the bright side its Halloween tomorrow which means dressing up 😀 and that always makes me happy, on that thought (another reason this journal thing is awesome) I want to make a paper mache man… By tomorrow 0_0 I wonder if I could convince one of the children to be a mould…. Though lying still would be super hard for them… Hmm…. 

Well I’ve found something to do while writing this journal at least, though I’m not sure its solved how I feel entirely, I think it just goes with this feeling of needing to get away for a bit :/ I don’t know and one thing I do know is that is half of my problem….

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