My husband decided he wanted to go shopping out of town instead of staying local for dinner and a movie which means I needed to be ready much earlier today. Saturdays are the day I lock myself int he bathroom for a few hours and try to pull myself together. It didn’t work today. All of this way paint can’t fix me. I’m ugly. I don’t even want to take a picture and the main reason I’m trying to enforce “Selfie Saturdays” is because I feel so unattractive lately. I had hoped a good picture would make me feel better about myself. I’m so pathetic.

3 thoughts on “Ugly”

  1. Can you post a selfie? Also who cares really about facial appearance once you’re married? Just work on the body at that point. I post selfies on my journal entries if you want to see what I look like – pretty unattractive according to most women 😀

  2. LOL!
    That’s true, whether you’re married or not. A body will get you much further than a face which is why I’m obsessed with my weight.
    I won’t post a selfie, though. Not in this place, lol.

  3. Hmm, but bodies are mainly the same, toned differently per individual effort. Faces are uniquely different, hard to change no matter how much effort is put in, I give them a higher value than body.

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