My Monday journal

Felt pretty productive today. Started a day fresh from a very long sleep last night and yesterday. Work was pretty good. I was pretty busy for the most of the time as usual but able to get a lot done including things that I didn’t expect to work on at all. Set up new A/B test and finish up the prototype mockups also checking out user interaction videos. I like to be busy at work but also like to have some time for writing what I’m doing and how I’m doing things. Maybe the time is coming to hire another product designer to work together. Anyways, things going pretty good at work. Stayed at the office till almost 7 PM cause I wanted to set up new A/B test today and had to wait for my branch gets merged. Developers in the other side of the earth definitely has some cons and pros. Skated back to home at 7 PM then drove to the gym. Worked out for about an hour after not going gym for at least two weeks. Despite that, I felt pretty good working out today. Couldn’t really keep up as I was doing before but got pretty close. My sister send me the receipt number for the visa interview but still need to wait that to be processed. Seems like I can get a ticket to Korea by tomorrow. 10:27 PM now. Maybe I will work on the side project little bit before I go to sleep tonight. Finally feel like came back to my normal life routine.

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