Friday Journal

Skate to work and started a day with stand up at David’s office. This might be the last time for awhile tho with entire team. Today, I felt like I’m finally finding my spot in the company. I noticed that I’m little behind of following up on the projects that I handed over to others. Today, we clarified that process which helped me to know what to do exactly to make sure things get done and people see my work on live site. Feel much better after all! Work was very slow all day cause a lot of people were out. I ended up leaving at 6 PM and just killed time at home till Friday night skate.

Drove to Santa Monica and skated with 8 skaters. Small group but had a endless discussion about the crazy election. I just tried to ignore and enjoy the skate. Back to Santa Monica pier at 11 PM then drove to Sawtelle for ramen with Katelyn and Jorge. This time we didn’t wait that long to get table. Finally tired everything I wanted to try at Tsujita. Back home around 1 AM and took a shower and went sleep. I had trouble going sleep for about an hour but eventually fell asleep. My new credit card is keeps bugging me cause I want to get a flight ticket as soon as possible but it does not seem like I’m going to get it till next Wednesday. Just gotta chill out and wait. Good day overall.

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