Saturday November 12th

I have been working at the house all day. I took some stuff to Goodwill, but other than that, I haven’t left the house. I have got so much to do, it’s overwhelming. I need to try to sell most of my crap so that 1. I won’t have to deal with it when I move and 2. the money would be nice. I haven’t had any Craigslist action except for one email that just came a couple of minutes ago. My work husband texted me tonight. He’s home alone. If the opportunity arose, I would go there, by the way. 

I tried watching some sex and the city last night and today- hoping it would help me be excited about New York. I just can’t watch Carrie crash and burn with Big in that 1st season. She acts awful- pressuring him. And then when she’s with Aiden, she treats him terrible. She’s always bitching about him. I suppose I’ve outgrown the show. I guess it’s about time since I’m 46 now. I am going to have my house on the market within the next week or so. I hope it sells fast. I don’t want to deal with the stress of having it for sale. I’m afraid Geoff wants to ask too much for it. I’m afraid it will turn people off. Margaret said they didn’t get any interest until they dropped their price to 135. I’m thinking that will be the case for me, too. 

This has literally been the worst year of my life. Bethany moving away, Noah graduating and moving out, Brent rejecting me. My depression sending me to suicidal thoughts, my friends dumping me- it’s all gone down. Prince died and now the election. Oy vey. 2016 has sucked ass. 

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