Monday November 14th

I didn’t go to work again today. That makes 3 days in a row. Oh well. I got carpet installed today so I can get my house on the market. I spend $1050 on the carpet. I hope it was worth it. I have worked like a maniac all day, and I’m getting ready to go to cheer practice. They are coming tomorrow to take photos of the house for the listing, so I had to get it all back together after the carpet was done. I haven’t been having much luck selling stuff on Craig’s List the past couple days. I swear it pisses me off so bad when people buying used shit and getting it dirt cheap and then complain about the quality of it. If they want mint condition, then fucking don’t be trying to buy stuff on Craig’s List!

John went to live with Noah yesterday, and Noah already texted me today and said he didn’t want John. Ugh. Like I didn’t have enough shit going on to worry about. I didn’t want John back over here on the new carpet. He will destroy it with muddy feet. And I cant block him from upstairs- he will cry or bark. 

I hope something finally goes my way and this house sells quickly. Having a house for sale is so stressful. I guess I need to get up and head over to school. I am so exhausted.

One thought on “Monday November 14th”

  1. I remember I had a dog when I was a kid. My parents’ coworkers at the hospital recently brought in a batch of like 6 puppies that were just recently born, and we adopted one. Cutest puppy ever. I didn’t know you had to take the dog out so it could poop or pee, so it would often pee and poop indoors on the floor. Thankfully it was a wooden floor so it didn’t stain. Don’t get him on your new carpet!

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