Anything But A Pipe Dream

When I talk about my goals, know that I mean business like the stock market.You ridin around, lackin’, leakin, lookin’ wet as fuck in that ‘rari. We snatch yo keys and park it.

We don’t talk about ballin’, shootin’ dice, or thotties at work, cause this is NOT a game. Work, hustle, grind, that’s all my folks last names.

Know what I mean? If you from where I’m from, held what I held, ride when we ride, then you know what I seen.

This life a struggle out here, but we gettin’ it in. When the work done, if the bitch lookin right, and she down to pipe drain. We gone spend.

When we blow smoke, it’s the greenest green, and when we sip, it’s the leanest lean. Then it’s back to the office, corner, or the alley. Whatever you wanna shoutit. Rollin’ them green knots into bands, we really fuckin’ bout it.

If you playin’ wit it, miss me wit all you sayin’ wit it. Less you got a problem with the organization, then we can meet up and get to sprayin’ wit it. Ya babymamma layin’ wit it, and ya side chick get the slayin’ wit it.

On the MOB nigga, ain no ops leavin’ my side wit anything but lead. They can get it pennies to the pockets, or 9’s to the head. My folkz on 6 points, and we bout the business as a team. You can call this shit whatever you want, but our goals anything but a pipe dream. 

Free Larry Hoover.

Free Bando Brandon.

Free Korry “Butch Cassidy” Hernandez.

Free Tae.

Grind In Paradise. Tru G 2x  Miss you everyday my nigga. Shit won’t ever G the same witout ya here. Love you lilbruh. 

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