Good and Bad

I know I seem like a drama queen but, personally I’m starting to like wrighting everything in a journal. So if you feel like i’m being a “drama queen” or my issues are “minor” then ignore them I don’t read my journals. When I write down my thoughts it makes me feel better.

Anyways enough with that rant. So first thought again about a guy…sorry:(. So there is this really cute guy from work. I added him to facebook started talking to him a bit there. I figure I would let it out, and let me know that I liked him. He stated `that`s sweet of you but I`m not your type of guy“. First of all how do you know what types of guys i`m into, you don`t know anything about me. So, he stated that he just sleeps with girls and wont text them back. I apprichate the honesty but, did got a lil pissed off at the outcome of what my honesty. He then stated he wanted to still be friends.  I really don`t know how to  react/fell with this. Stay friends or just ignore him, even thou I was the one that usually started all the facebook chats. 

Next thing a few weeks ago I thought I was going to get laid off and them boom a week later got a call to come back in. One of my co-wokers through out her back really bad and might not be back to work for awhile. With my work we do four days on four days. off. When I started I was working with one team but, now I am working with a different team. It is different because both teams do things differently. 

Next thing is I had an interview a couple days ago being an office assistant for a real estate company:). Finally after years! I have found something that I went to school for. I haven’t offically started as he has different phases he wants to go through before hiring me full time. So I passes phases 1/4 lol. So I have to start off with getting referals for people wanting or selling there homes. No idea how to approcach this. Also he had suggested if I wanted to go to school to get my licence. He would pay for my tuition (YAH!) but, I am a bit scared of going back to school. For one thing I suck at school, its just not my thing and its hard for me to pay attention, as I get distracted very easily. 

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