Poem 2016

Its been a lil over a month here daddy. 

Now I got you and mommy watching over me. 

Crazy to be dealing with this depression since ive had it since I was 8.

Lost mom way to early, I didn’t get that mom and daughter relationship cuz when I was 8 I was kissing my mom while she was cold but looked so beautiful. 

Im here battling with my old demons showing them I’m stronger now than ever.

I just wanna be held by you guys and know everything be okay. 

I miss my siblings so damn much, I hate feeling like I’m alone in this world but they got they pride.  

Its been so long since i felt like myself, but I’m sick and tired of being sick of life.

Where would i be if I didn’t drop out than my dad be proud of me.  

Sometimes I don’t know if I should be here but I can hear you guys telling me that my babies need me the most.

You taught us that family is everything but why can’t my family see that especially in this time when we lost you dad. 

I got so much on my heart and mind that I’m driving myself crazy.

Trying to hide my pain and out that fake smile on while tears come down because I can’t hold them back. 

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