List of reasons why I won’t drink

Reasons why I won’t give in to alcohol:

When I drink one drink is never enough, I drink until I lose control. 

Alcohol has almost destroyed my life, it made me financially unstable and at risk of being homeless.

I put myself at risk when I drink, in a blackout I have no idea what I am doing.

Drinking until blackout is a waste of money, I won’t even remember the night.

Alcohol is bad for my mental health it makes me really depressed and waste days in bed.

People around me don’t like me drinking, I am a liability.

One drink is never enough 

I don’t every get anything done, alcohol becomes a priority.

If I drink I will fail my masters.

I waste days at a time in bed due to alcohol

Alcohol is effecting my health

Alcohol makes me run away from my problems rather than face them. 

I make poor judgements when drunk

Alcohol has made me lose friends

I make a fool of myself 

Im not even sociable when drunk and people don’t get to know the real me, it’s all false.

Alcohol doesn’t really make me prettier, more confident, funnier or a better dancer it’s an illusion.


Alcohol won’t make me happier it will destroy my life

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