Journal Day 39

“Welcome to the world of hackers… You are all in the right place at the right time”
“The world will be taken over my augmented reality”
“We taught that computer over there to play Atari games better than any human”

Fuck. There’s a, I think a high school class, inside of my office right now and they’re having this field trip. These kids are so freaking young!!! They’re like babies!!! I took a photo.


There’s two office guys in there, one has a drone, and the other has a Microsoft Hololens and they’re giving out these speeches about how the world will change in a few years, and that these kids are going to be experiencing it all. That they could actually be part of the change because there’s no better generation. These baby kids look like techies from how most of them are wearing glasses and just the way they dress in general.

I think I’m more pumped up from listening to the speeches than they are. I couldn’t hear most of the speech because it was held in a separate room area, but I heard snippets of it as I walked by to get a drink from the kitchen and whenever the door would open. It was motivating to say the least. A reminder that my life is unfulfilled.

I’m truly terrified, excited, energized, and fearful all at the same time. I had to go take a break and lied down in the quiet room because of all this energy and emotion that flowed through me just thinking about the potential future and how it can all change, how I was letting my life go to waste.

Afterwards when I left the quiet room the entire crowd of students was basically right there. I smiled as I walked by this group of kids knowing their futures were ahead of them. I went to the kitchen again and saw there was all this food available. Apparently there was a lunch-and-learn event today where a presenter was teaching how to become a genius through mastery. I ate some grapes and carrots, there was a lot of food to choose from, and I went to sit down to see what the presentation was about, I didn’t plan on sitting through the whole thing.

The presenter gave everyone a paper clip and asked us how many ways we could come up to using it. We came up with 15 practical ways to use a paperclip as a group, but apparently the world record was 200. And guess what age group set the record? 5 year olds. She then showed charts of how the number of ideas we come up with, through conditioning and being taught by others, declines as we get older. That fascinated me, I started coming up in my own head with my own list of what paper clips could be used for and I came up with maybe 10 or 20 more very creative use cases.

The presenter said she was the author of a book called “The Edge of Tomorrow”. The book was about this intelligent thirteen year old girl who creates this time machine and goes back in time to meet Leonardo Da Vinci. The book comes out next year on April 15, 2017, and I’m planning on getting a copy.

Anyway, I listened and sat through the entire presentation. She eventually brought up the question, “how many ideas do you have for paperclips now?” and I raised my hand and gave out all the ideas I previously came up with. My uses were not practical at all, but they were creative. One idea is that if you connect them in a chain you can create a rope. Another one is that if you color them different colors, you can create a design on the wall. Again, very impractical and yet creative ideas.

She then asked us to write about where we think we’ll be 1 year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now. I’ll do that soon. If there was anything I learned from the presentation, considering Leonardo Da Vinci did all these amazing things, it’s that anything we want to accomplish is possible. At the same time though, that’s not something entirely new to me. It’s something I’ve always believed, this presentation just helped to reaffirm it.

Regarding the way to become a genius through mastery, you needed five things. I don’t remember what they all were since I’m writing this paragraph at night time, around 10 hours after the lunch and learn, but from what I could remember you needed resilience and perseverance. I remember those two points because she put these 5 attributes up on a list and I was thinking “aren’t those two the same thing?” they’re slightly different but they’re basically the same thing.

I hate when books do that; list a few things saying each point was different, and then you look at the list and you can see that two of them are almost exactly the same thing. What’s worse is if there are chapters on the two separate points and then you compare the chapters and they’re basically the idea worded differently.

I went over to a local sushi buffet to eat lunch. The lunch-and-learn was where you were supposed to eat lunch while watching a presentation, but I wanted to celebrate my 2 years here. I was very pumped waking up because today is my 2nd year anniversary working for this company. Life has changed drastically for me since I got my first job and for a first job, the pay was not bad. I took a photo of every plate I ate, and I feel terrible now. I feel tired and groggy and sleepy.

Oh gosh this is terrible. The reason why I ate at a sushi place was because it’s been so long since I had any. Next to fruits and veggies, sushi is my third favorite type of food. But I feel so sleepy and tired. Where has my energy and motivation from earlier suddenly gone? If I could take it back, I would have rather starved than eat that food. I paid $20 for the meal, it was only $15 something in reality, but I left the rest of the $20 as a tip even though it was a buffet.

I think anything in the world is possible. But it’s really hard to do anything on a full and groggy stomach and in a sleepy mode of thinking. This is why I like eating fruits and vegetables, whenever I get full, I don’t feel groggy from those types of foods.

The rest of the work day was normal. There’s supposed to be a karaoke night at the office later tonight, but I’m not sure if I’m going. I invited a friend to exercise with me at 7 PM.

A lot of people stayed late in the office to have the karaoke party. I saw the pizza and wings ordered. People were cranking out beers, there was a lively party in the kitchen. I’ve been to a few of those, they’re okay. I have my own reasons why I didn’t show up. I was invited a few times, someone requesting “hey stay for the karaoke tonight!”, but I don’t know. I ended up not staying. I have my own personal reasons. I regret it a small minute amount. At the same time I don’t enjoy being in such environments where I have to hold a beer, toast with some people, listen to people talk, shout and talk myself, and laugh at and make random jokes. I’ve done that how many times already?

Still, I know life is short. I went downstairs to the gym. There was a smelly guy in there with the worst body odor imaginable. It stunk up the entire gym. I entered, smelled a whiff as I took one step inside, and I immediately knew this guy was there. Me and my friend are so disgusted by this guy that we laugh often and make jokes at how bad the smell is. Freaking terrible. I can’t exaggerate how bad the smell is. It stinks up a whole gym. It is so foul and strong, if you don’t hold your breath while walking pass this person you will probably not be able to breathe for a while.

I walked in, smelled how foul the air was, and I immediately started walking to the other side of the gym to head to the exit to get some fresh air. There were three ways in and out the gym, two ways lead to the outside and are on opposite ends, and one way is to a hallway connected to my office building. I entered through one of the outside entrances and I power walked as soon as I stepped in to the other side of the gym to the other outside entrance/exit. As I walked there was a woman in the very far corner doing yoga, the furthest possible point away from this person who was exercising on the treadmill. It was like she was terrified to be in there and had to find the furthest point possible from this smell.

We both looked at each other and I gave a smile, she just looked at me terrified. I walked a few feet passed her and exited out the door. Fresh air. What was worse, the freezing cold outdoors or the smell inside the gym? After walking for a few feet, I felt the chill. It was freezing. I desperately wanted to go back indoors. But then I thought about that question, and I rationalized that the smell was far worse than the cold.

The gym isn’t that small either, it has I think 8 treadmills, 4 elliptical machines, 2 stationary bikes, 1 stair climber, 7 weight machines, two benches, lots of barbells, yoga mats, yoga balls, other equipment I don’t know the name of, and bathrooms with lockers and showers for both genders. But you can literally smell this guy from anywhere in the freaking gym except for inside the bathrooms. It was that foul. There is no human I have ever come across that had such a powerful odor. This guy might be able to set a world record.

For example, the gym is sort of shaped like a big T. The treadmills and cardio equipment are lined up in the upper horizontal line of the T, and there are weights and other equipment on the long vertical line of the T. There is one entrance per end of line segment at the T, so there’s two entrances at the horizontal line of the T opposite each other, and there’s one entrance at the very bottom of the T. I entered from the top right entrance, and this guy was jogging very close to that entrance. I headed to the other entrance/exit which was at the bottom of the T, and from there you can’t see the guy because the way the room is shaped don’t allow you to see him. That’s also where the woman was doing frighteningly doing yoga at the corner next to the entrance, the furthest possible point away from him. She could not see this guy, but she could smell him.

Anyway, as I greeted the fresh air, I decided to just walk around for a bit and explore the town. I have a memory of basically every place here since I’ve been every place here. When I went down to the gym the party hadn’t started yet, the karaoke party would start at 7 and I left around 6:40, just in time to miss it. Even though the party hadn’t officially started yet, people were already having a merry time. So as I was walking around I looked back at the office building, looked up at all the lights on that high rise floor, and I just imagined how many people were having fun up there. I could have gone back. But I looked back in possible regret, did I miss something awesome?

Anyway I kept walking around. It was dark and it was cold. I visited some apartments and walked through paths I’ve walked by with friends in the past. I visited an apartment where a few friends used to live, I didn’t feel any nostalgia; I just felt like I had nothing else to do as I waited for the gym smell to die down and for my friend to finally come by so we could exercise.

I must’ve walked for over 30 or 40 minutes before returning to the gym. I explored a ton of areas. When I got back to the gym, I entered through the bottom entrance at the bottom of the T shaped room. He was right there, working out on the benches. FUCK. The smell was terrible. I almost passed out. I think as I walked by him I tried to smile but the smell was so foul and that I was about to pass out that I think I gave him a scorn look instead. I don’t know, I just knew I couldn’t freaking breathe as I walked passed this person, I immediately headed for the other outdoors entrance at the top right area of the T. I started breathing heavily when I got out there. Finally fresh air.

The woman was still in there, this time she was jogging now. I can already imagine the scenario, the guy finished jogging with his terrible odor, and he went over to the benches close to where she was. She was like holy shit I cannot breathe and she immediately put away the yoga mats and just ran to the treadmills leaving this guy clueless as to why she left so suddenly. I wonder if he can smell himself? He smells so terrible there is just no way he doesn’t know.

As I was waiting outside, maybe 5 minutes to waiting, the guy walks out of the gym and sees me standing there. Yikes. I hold my breath as he walked by but I didn’t smell as much. He had already changed clothes and I think that’s why it didn’t smell so bad. Sometime after, maybe 5 minutes later, my friend arrives and we head into the gym. It still smells extremely foul. I told him the smelly guy already left. What was worse was when we went into the bathroom, the ventilation there wasn’t great and we both could not breathe. It was so bad. The odor was all over the bathroom despite him not even being in the room.

Anyway, we exercise and I go home. My mom bought this cute little electric puppy. She scared me when she knocked on my door and said we had a new puppy. I told her we can’t get one because of how much responsibility it takes and how little room we have. She was saying from behind the door “Megg there’s someone here who would like to meet you” and I ask “who?” my dad says in the background “we have a new puppy” I was like, “What?! We have a new puppy?!” being very shocked. My mom says “yup he’s outside! Open the door!” and I open the door and this electric puppy thing started yipping and startled me. Sigh of relief came when I saw it wasn’t a real puppy. My goldfish are already enough to take care of.

­­­­­­I don’t really have much more to say. The questions from the lunch-and-learn about “Where will you be in 1, 5, and 10 years from now?” can be put off for tomorrow. I’m a little sleepy and there’s already a lot of writing here.


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  1. You do write a lot, and you write WELL. As I was reading this entry I caught myself thinking I was reading a novel (I’m sleepy too). It reads like a novel, better than most. Don’t ever stop writing!

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