Friday’s entry:

I don’t want to adult today. I should have run this morning. I can’t focus on anything. I think I’ll leave a little early today. I have to get a few groceries. Party at a friend’s house tomorrow. Don’t know what to wear. Silly. It’s a group of grownups. I shouldn’t be concerned about it.  But I want to look nice. I want to feel pretty. It’s holiday time.  I want to get into the spirit.  I’m hungry. Yoga is really paying off. I feel stronger. Definitely stronger. Still have a lot of fluff that I’d like to make disappear, but the strength thing – that’s huge for me. Christmas card needs to be done this weekend. No pressure. No pressure. Should be no reason for any anxiety regarding the card.  Especially this year because I know we have some good pictures. BIL is in hospital with pneumonia and diabetes complications. His health has been poor for a long time. Praying for the best for him. Other BIL visited with new girlfriend and her son over Thanksgiving.  By his own admission it is a relationship of convenience – for both of them. I just want him and the kids to be happy. Can’t get my head in the game here at work. I just thought of doing a work task and it felt like a weight on me. And I want to run. Run away. Friend is going to get a pedi with another friend tomorrow. I’m jealous. Truly. I want to go to. But I can’t because I am going to see the Nutcracker with my girl and her school orchestra. It will be fun I am sure of it. I want to do both though. I want it all. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.  I’m not doing that enough. Tired.  Want to close my eyes. Think I will get more coffee. The coffee here is mediocre at best.      

2 thoughts on “99”

  1. I noticed that you don’t have titles in your entries… I decided to add titles to my entries starting yesterday.. I’m really not sure if it’s an improvement or not, but it does organize things a little bit more.

    My reason for not having any titles was I didn’t imagine to go so many days. But with the number of entries piling up, each day becomes harder to sort through with numbers alone.

  2. Hi Mega – I don’t often refer back to my entries. My entries are usually just me vomiting up the thoughts that need to come out. Then I move on. Once in a while I’ll put a cryptic title if I think I want to go back to that entry.

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