Day 285 – Work, Christmas and an idea

Thursday, December 8th 2016

The entry I wrote deleted itself cause I accidentally went back. Uuuugh. Guess this entry will look like I cared less cause I didn’t want to write everything all over again.

I started the day with programming. I made quite a bit of progress. I just have to put in the content and fix a few little things. I’ve been trying to concentrate on the content, but the little things like a div box being slightly off would bug me, so I’d concentrate on that. I’ll try not to for now and keep that for the end, since the most important part is having my information in.

I then had cooking and we served the teachers the empanadas. One liked it, the other liked the beef and not the dough, and the last one didn’t like it. At least our teacher really loved it. Also, one teacher didn’t show up at the start, so we ate their empanadas.

At lunch I sat with a close friend and an old friend of ours joined us. It was the soft spoken one that’s difficult to hear that I mentioned before. We talked, and she told me a few years ago when I got chocolate for her for Christmas, she was incredibly happy, I think because she didn’t celebrate Christmas before. So now so I know what I’ll be getting her this year. I also realized how expensive this year gifts are gonna be for people, so I decided to drop something for Kohai that wouldn’t make much of a difference and change gift ideas for some, cause it was going into 100$ for everyone in total. I don’t have that money.

I then had technology and I took Megg’s advice to loop the background. I just have to render the video and see if everything is good, then I can move on to Photoshop. I plan on doing some Photoshop work during the holidays that way when I’m back at school, I can concentrate on my website a lot more. I also studied a little bit of math before going to our test. I didn’t get to finish my math test. They’re long tests, which is why we usually take it before lunch, so that we can use lunch time to finish it, and that’s usually at least half the class who needs it. It was only the last question that I left blank. Kohai told me she didn’t get it either. No clue how I did on that test, since I doubted every answer I got.

When I got home I played on the server, ate, then played Civilization V and England declared war on me. She denounced me, then suddenly a big group of military units showed up and surrounded one of my cities. She took down 3 of my cities and a city state she was allies with razed one of mine. I attacked the city state, claimed it, then took back one of my cities from England. I’m gonna take back the remaining 2 cities and then attack Songhai, since he only has 2 small cities left and I don’t want him to build a huge army back up again.

I then watched Victor Frankenstein, because my dad spotted two actors I knew, so he decided to stop watching and watch it with me. It was Daniel Radcliff and especially Andrew Scott, who my dad knows as Moriarty from BBC Sherlock. I spotted a couple of cameos though that are also from BBC Sherlock, which is Molly and Mycroft. The actor of Molly played a lady in this film and Mark Gatiss who plays Mycroft played a worker at the creation of Frankenstein’s monster. I liked the movie, but not sure how I feel about Victor Frankenstein’s personality.

Also, Megg asked me if I was interested in publishing a book with him, which I jumped on board as soon as I saw those words. It’s always something I wanted to do, so I’m excited.

That’s all for today.

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