senpai noticed me

My life is like a drama and I’m not even kidding. The past week has felt like a binge of a few episodes in a day. We’re so similar yet so different. Sometimes I wish he were a peer instead, so I didn’t feel so disconnected. He doesn’t know my friends, I have no idea who his friends are, and I definitely don’t know the tutors yet.

At this moment I feel like I’d just list similarities vs differences like some science student 😅

What I don’t want is the need to lie to my mum. Technically, I’m just too much of a coward because I already know her stand on dating (which is, even after university)

But, this is actually making me feel like a teen. Like I have some life. Maybe because of media influence, I feel like a “real” sixteen-year-old. Hehe. I’m just going to live in the moment and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Things can change so suddenly and it’s not worth worrying in advance, girl. And like the pessimists we are, we (at least I) can’t help but think for every beginning there is an end, and it makes me sad. Sighh.

Mais, c’est la vie. Ottoke? Just live and let live. Smile more, worry less.

2 thoughts on “senpai noticed me”

  1. Senpai will never notice You. Just kidding, I just wanted to say that again.
    Sometimes living in the moment and enjoying the ride doesn’t turn out well keep it in mind there is always a chance it won’t turn out well.

  2. OK! Don’t be mad because of the Senpai Joke. I liked reading your entries, keep writing. Believe me I am so mad at myself for not starting to write journal 5 year ago.
    I was going through the favorite Author list and I remembered the Senpai πŸ™‚

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