From friend to lover – Entry 3

04/12/16 – 10:00

I have now master the art of not fantasising over Delilah, which is good. With mortgage, utility bills, food and of course my Netflix subscription fee, the last thing I need is to investing into new pairs of panties. I kept myself occupied with work, study, rugby and gym. Do not even mention about video games, as soon as I powered up my baby – I am gone from this realm! Good bye whatever little social life I had, I will not miss you! Not even Jason can remove me from my game room.

I had a wonderful time with my rugby family this Friday. We brought our home made dishes, received our Secret Santa’s gifts and watch the club players who ended up on Mrs. Claus’s (our lovely senior team manager in disguised) naughty list for being a bad ‘Secret Santa’. ‘You had one job’ she says in her long red dress and a Santa hat ‘My elves reported everything to me!’ I mean, twelve of them were on the list and other twelve players all received socks as gift. Coincident? Think not.

Their ‘punishment’ were to sing an embarrassing Christmas song (rugby style) and take a shot of Jägerbomb, two for repeated offender, and a pint of beer. Last but not least, a competition for ugliest Christmas jumper. Some of us tried really hard, like the Christmas potato jumper, ‘Victoria, you want to explain that to us?’ one of the more experienced player asked and we all had a good laugh. However the prize was awarded to a brave man who attended our Ladies Christmas Dinner Party as a guest with a jumper says ‘Jingle My Bells’. It was just brilliant.

04/12/16 – 15:00

Midnight hit and it was time to called an Uber cab, I felt like Cinderella except there was no glass shoes or Prince Charming. Just thoughts of Delilah. I also question our level of friendships. She liked Jason, I could tell by the way she moved and her flirtatious gestures but I felt that she is more fond of me. I am not flattering myself, it’s just an assumption from analysing her moves. That’s what Psychology does to you, once you studied the subject you develop a habit of studying other people, it’s normal. Maybe I am wrong with my assumption but I hope I am right. I want her to like me. 

Getting onto the Uber cap has proved to be difficult because of my bag plus the tupperwares but I managed. The journey home was smooth and quiet. The driver didn’t talk much apart from confirming my name and address. I wasn’t in the mood to talk anyway, I was too busy thinking about someone. ‘She is probably out partying with her friends.’ I smiled at the thought of her dancing on the dance floor covered in sweats. ‘That is just SO her.’ Then I thought about my gentle giant and our evil four-legged furry minion spawned from hell at home.

My thought was interrupted by a WhatsApp message from Delilah. She asked me if I was still at the clubhouse with my rugby team and the guests. Without wanting to give her the false impression that I was desperate, I waited three minutes before I reply; ‘No, I’m on my way home. Sup?’ She then replied with a picture of her in a casual but revealing grey V cut t-shirt and a pouty face with a caption says ‘Missing you.’ That made me giggled as well as earned a weird look from the driver through the rear mirror. 

‘It hasn’t been that long since we last hung out. Also, are you deliberately showing off your assets? I know I have small breasts but to rub yours in my face, though?’ I replied to her but I quickly corrected myself because that was just misleading and inappropriate. ‘Not literally. I mean rub yours in like putting salt, chilli flakes and lime juice on my open wound.’ and I immediately regret it because that was just terrible! ‘Salt, chilli flakes and lime juice? Mate, are you cooking Thai food or something? Well done for scaring her away, you plonker!’ Maybe I should do yoga just so I’d be flexible enough to kick my own arse!

04/12/16 – 18:00

Sometimes I hate myself because of my poor social skill. If it wasn’t for Jason who had helped me improved my social skill I’d probably be dismissed from work within a week, now I’m a complete different person at work – confident, out spoken, ambitious, self motivated and a team player. As long as I keep my work mask on, I will be fine. Almost as if she could read my mind, ‘I hope you didn’t think you’d scared me off, I was just laughing.’ she replied shortly after. I let out a sigh of relief without realising how loud it was because the driver asked me if I was okay. I apologised softly, he nodded and switched on the radio. Unsurprisingly it was Magic 105.4.

‘Do you want to come over? Don’t worry, I’ve asked Jason for permission.’ another message from her followed by ‘You can leave your stuff in the living room.’ Oh, Jason that sly bastard! He told her everything, I bet he went to bed with a smirk on his face. Then the realisation sank, she invited me to her place. I didn’t know how to respond, I was panicking and had a funny feeling in my stomach. I was never the type of person who believed in ‘butterflies in your stomach’ so I thought it was probably the curry I had at the clubhouse. 

‘What?’ was what I heard the driver asked,  apparently I was saying ‘oh no’ out loud. I apologised once more before I diverted my attention back to my mobile phone. ‘New message: You know my address, the clubhouse isn’t that far from my place. If I don’t see you by 1am, I’d assumed you’re home and asleep.’

Mr. Driver was eyeballing me through the rear mirror. Probably was concerned that he might have picked up a schizophrenic. After ten minutes of intense stared from the driver and not replying to Delilah plus trying to make a decision, I thought of Jason. His sweet words, gentle gesture and what he would advised me. To me, Jason is more than just my boyfriend or the person I have sexual relationship with. To me, he is my best friend, my mentor, my adviser, my rock and my strength. He is only a few years older than me but the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom he possessed for his age is surprising. The driver looked relief because I had calm down a bit and also because I have made my decision. 

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