I admitted to myself a while ago that I need help. Last 2 years have been hard, with a lot of changes, and while physically I’m alright, emotionally I’m beginning to struggle. Everything I feel right now is normal but normal doesn’t equal easy.

So, where to seek help when you are in the closet?

Today was the day when I realised I need a friend.  Not an easy feat when you have trust issues. Personal journal! Yes, that should help. To register here I used my email address that I haven’t checked for over 2 years… and guess what? I found a letter there… from a friend. A good one. We used to play online game together for years, so many nights spent talking to each other. We used to be so close, I’ve never forgotten him. He was worrying about me poofing out in the air and in case I left for good, he was saying good bye.

This prompted me to reach out to him. Let’s see. It had been a long time, I won’t hold it against him if he moved on or doesn’t feel like lending me his shoulder.


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