gonna jinx myself again

Life has been pretty great lately. (last time i wrote that within 5 mins my life was terrible so i hope that doesn’t happen again) Anywayyyy. I met a new guy from another school. He is reallllyyyyy attractive and nice and funny and i love his hair. Ive already met his family. I don’t really know how i feel about the whole him going to a different school thing yet, but well see. Also other girls from my school started following him, and i mean i trust him, i just don’t trust those girls. and also we aren’t official so i don’t want to be controlling. College is coming up soon so I’ve been busy spending my time looking for summer leadership camps to spruce up my resume. They are sooooo expensive so pray i get a scholarship plz. It is almost the 25th and I’m really excited to give my family members their gifts bc i actually had money to buy them things they deserved this year instead of just cheap $10 little things. I have been enjoying life a lot lately and i can’t wait to see what else is in store.

One thought on “gonna jinx myself again”

  1. Love your happy, upbeat blog! As for any jinx, I pray the Lord will bless you and keep you. Moving you into even happier times ahead! Merry Christmas!

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