Dear Future Husband #3

Dear Future Husband,

Hello darling. How was your day? Mine was pretty boring. I stayed in bed all day and watched movies. I watched the cutest/saddest movie today!! It’s called Love Everlasting. It made me cry! It’s about this kid with a heart transplant and his mom and they’re trying to get to California to see the ocean and their truck breaks down and they can’t fix it and this really nice guy tows their truck and lets them stay in a trailer at his house. Well, the guys daughter has this scar on her face because of an accident that happened and she thinks she’s ugly and that no one will ever love her and she cuts herself. So, basically, they fall in love and he sticks up for her from bullies and stuff and then on graduation day he gets put in a coma and they find out he needs another new heart transplant. So every day his girlfriend comes and reads their favorite book (Pride & Prejudice) to him and one day she’s reading about marriage and he looks over at her and goes ‘so marry me then.’ and she’s like omggg you’re awake and they get married and her and her dad and his mom and him go to the coast so he can see the ocean and they do the hibbity dibbity and then he wakes up before her and goes down to the beach and then she wakes up later and goes down there and he dies and then it shows his and hers daughter.

It was really cute but really sad. I have to go and get an x-ray in the morning. I hope everything is okay. I wanna be perfect for you, my love. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and hope you get good rest tonight.

Goodnight love.

Only Ever Always Yours,


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