Journal Day 58 – Wishing Obs well, computer frustration, time travel

I woke up around 8 AM this morning and quickly took a shower and ate breakfast. Around 8:30 AM, which was when Obs would be riding the bus and not doing anything for 30 whole minutes, I texted her wishing her well for the day, and she did the same wishing me well too. I think we both felt a little better and more encouraged throughout the day because of our early texting and wishing each other well. It helps to know a little that someone supports you and believes in you, and we both support and believe in each other.

The work day was relatively normal. I wasn’t in the same ‘zone’ as yesterday in which I was completing work in my queue left and right, but I was still in a ‘zone’. A zone of frustration, because I was learning. Work was a little slow, not that I didn’t have a lot to do, but I studied a little bit on Google’s Cloud Platform or GCP. It’s a service similar to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. I don’t know, GCP is just freaking frustrating to use. But I’m forced to learn it.

I spent about 2 hours? More maybe? Trying to get “” to run properly. It was a frustrating experience, I worked with the system’s environmental variables adding directories to PATH, removing directories from PATH, trying everything I could to get “” to run. I even uninstalled all my Python versions and reinstalled them. I looked at the date of when I installed Python 2, and it was way back in December 28th, 2014.

Wow. Take me back to those days. That was around 28 days after I got my first job (I started on December 1st of that year), and I decided to do a fresh clean install of the entire operating system because I felt like things had gotten too cluttered. Man. I was every bit as conscious and intelligent back then as I am now. I’m just a much more refined and slightly upgraded version because of the experiences I’ve gone through since then, and the resources I’ve accumulated and unwanted resources I’ve gotten rid of since then too.

Life is really interesting because you don’t know where it will take you next. From December 28th, 2014 and onwards, everything was a new experience. I know looking in hindsight, exactly the events that would occur to me from every day since then. There were extremely stressful times and there were extremely exciting times. In the end, I am where I am today, right now, as a result of those unknown events at the time.

You can try to control your fate, your destiny, but you really don’t what will happen next. Only when looking back are things crystal clear. I would advise my December 28th, 2014 self to buckle up, because you’re in for one emotional and crazy roller coaster of a ride. The events from that day and onwards, oh man, insane. Just breathe in and take it all in, those events end, and you end up okay on December 20th, 2016. From there, I don’t know what will happen next. Life is all a mystery.

I went on that huge tangent, travelling back in time? Come on. As I was saying, “” freaking took me forever to get to working properly. In the end, out of everything I have tried, the only thing that works is… Crap, and it doesn’t even work. I think I broke it again. I thought I stopped tweaking things once I found out one command worked? More frustration.

To Obs: Hope you had a good day today, and I’ll wish you well again tomorrow morning. I came up with a gift idea to give you this Christmas! It’s related to programming as you suggested, and I hope you enjoy it, it will be something personal so that you can hopefully appreciate its value more. I’m putting in all my effort into this so I think it should be good :). Anyway, have a good night!

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  1. XD Nightmare87, I intentionally put in specific details so that most people wouldn’t be able to understand it. Even people who work with computers daily probably won’t understand it either. I don’t even explain what “” is, for example. If I read this yesterday, I wouldn’t know what it was either since I never encountered it until today 😛

    But, I hope that it was still friendly enough that it was fun and readable! Thank you for the well wishes!

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