Don’t have an accident or else you’ll meet loneliness.

My optimism is non-existent this evening. I’ve maintained my positivity throughout the week knowing that over christmas, I will be spending it alone in this house and I accepted that fate. I screwed up my foot and it’s hard for me to move around. What I didn’t expect however is the cold silence I must endure from the fiance. 

He comes home from work talks to me barely for 5 moments then proceeds upstairs for the night. During the day before work I’m lucky if I see him at all. He used to sit up hours talking with me and now that doesn’t happen anymore. 

I really just want to leave and go stay at my dad’s until I finish school and then dissapear. .. I didn’t do anything to deserve that treatment from him. All I did was come down a flight of stairs and land wrong on my foot. Why is that the end of everything as it used to be with us? 

Fuck it. 

I’ve never felt this unwanted and alone and it’s killing me. I love this man more than I value my own life and unfortunately for me, it makes me a fucking fool. 


One thought on “Don’t have an accident or else you’ll meet loneliness.”

  1. i understand where you are coming from, i think some time away will do good for you both. tell him you want to spend the holidays with your family, he’d understand
    or you can do the scarriest option in my opinion and talk to him about it, tell him how you feel. directly tell him what you want and need from him. ask him whats going on
    thanks for your last comment, it helped alot
    merry christmas!

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