Boring holidays

Christmas break for most people now. Nothing to do, or there are stuff to do but to lazy for that. Been sitting in my room listening to music, finding new music mostly. Playing games on my computer im actually really bored of now, playing games on playstation that I’ve already finished but whatever. Watching ALOT of romance movies (because why not?). Watching tv shows, American and Korean mostly. 

Honestly got nothing to do. Noone asking to hang out with (i know I can ask too, but like whenever I do, always busy). Haven’t been outside since last thursday actually. Got no plans further plans for the holiday/break. Maybe ill start reading those books who just stand in my room looking nice but never touched? Haha, i dont know. Just feel like writing about doing nothing? 

Ey, christmas was on saturday. I got a unicorn onesie from my bestfriend (super cozy and warm). A white dreamcatcher from one of my friends. But the gift that I like most of all, a gift from my other bestfriend (i feel like we are close enough to call eachothers that now). It was lots of stuff in that small bag, but in it i found a bracelet she had made by herself. It was with black pearls and two hanging things attached to it. A skeleton and a angel baby. Asked why she had put two so different things on it and she told me “You are like an angel sometimes, but then when someone does wrong, youre just like a demon. So skeleton as for death”, thought it was funny and i’m loving it. Not wearing it thought, might ruin it. In the bag she also had wedding decorations in there? Alittle weird, mini figures of a bride and man. She simply told me “Because I want to marry you one day”, also very thoughtful and touching (to me).

Got to go play some more…

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