Pearls and Raids


I woke preparing to spend a little time working in my workshop today. I had plans later this evening to spend the day with our newest tribe member Luanne, but while Luanne slept I’d get some smaller things done. I first went out to chop down some trees for my supply of wood was now depleted. After refilling my forge and spare box of wood I started my crafting for the day. I used the flint I’d gathered previously and some stones and I ground them together till they made a fine yellow powder. When I had an overabundance of this substance, which we call spark powder, I took the burned wood out of my forge. There was no point in throwing it out, I prefer to use everything that I come across. So I ground the charcoal into the spark powder to make some gun powder. I grabbed some metal from my stash out of my vault, taking the time to count out how much I had left. I knew I would have to pay my brother Minds a visit soon to regather metal. I used some of the last few stacks of my metal to make some bullets for my turrets. I was proud to say I’d filled my turrets to the brim and I had a few bullets left over to spare to the family home. I’d have to schedule a pick up from the twin. Luanne hadn’t awoke yet so I set to make some bullets for the new gun I found just the other day while drop shopping. I fashioned together approximately 50 shot gun shells for my new ramshackle shot gun. I’ve never carried a gun before so I was anxious to see how well I used it. I set aside my new toy and continued to work on other things in my workshop. I used the last of my obsidian to craft together some polymer. That is something I’d have to replace in my shop. I haven’t had to collect obsidian in a long time. Once my fabricator was finished crafting the poly for me I started to make electronics. It was then I got really excited! I wanted to raise babies. Once again I had baby fever. It’s coming quite often now. I crafted together 6 air conditioners and before I knew it I was out of pearls for my electronics. That’s one thing I knew I replenish rather easily.

I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Niceria, my wolf, and I would go brave the burned island crawling with treacherous carnivores to the cave that Anubis dabbles in so often. I’d heard tales from him about the snakes that slither around in massive balls and trap you and quickly put you to sleep with their venom that acts as a sedative. He’s also told me of the spiders down there. A shiver ran down my spine as I thought of these. I would just hope that I didn’t have to encounter any of those. I’m scared to death of araneo. He also warned me that there are pulmonoscorpious in the cave that have a sting that also works like a sedative. It seems to me like everything in this particular cave just wants to knock you out. There’s one other creature he warned me about in this cave. The vicious arthropluera. This creature spits an acidic bile that eats away at your armor and tears your weapons to shreds whenever you attempt to defend yourself. If it weren’t for the fact I know Niceria will protect me I probably wouldn’t even dare attempt to brave the perils of this cave. I set about to empty my backpack of the things I would not need for this journey. I crafted me together some hide armor, knowing I shouldn’t be running around with no clothes on now that Bella love wasn’t here to protect me from the weather with her feathers. I grabbed out of my stash 50 arrows and a newly repaired journeyman crossbow to have on the side. Lastly I picked up my brand new ramshackle shot gun and the fresh rounds I had just made for it. I turned to make sure my machines were turn off minus my forge, which was still burning wood for charcoal.

I quickly turned and ran down to the lower levels of my workshop to where Niceria roamed ever vigilant to dangers that may be there. When she saw me she hunched down like a puppy and wagged her tail as I applied her level up. She was officially a seasoned warrior and a trusted friend. I let her give Narcissa a few last minute instructions then she and I set out towards the cave stopping only to refill my canteen.

Niceria and I stood on the edge of the beach looking out across the water towards the burned island. At first I thought maybe I should craft together a raft to travel across, but Niceria was confident in her swimming skills. She took two steps back then took off at a full sprint towards the ocean. She dove into the water with laughter in her eyes. She was truly having fun. The water was cold, but my skin was protected by my newly fashioned hide clothing. Niceria swam with ease all the way across the open water to the burned island. As soon as she reached the burned island she didn’t even pause to catch her breath. She took down the raptor on the beach and feasted upon its fallen body. I was slightly disappointed in that raptor. I thought they were supposed to be intelligent, I haven’t seen their intelligence yet; just their brute strength. Niceria and I turned to the left and followed the directions Anubis had given me. Start your journey at the twin lava flows and follow the beach to the left. Round the bend and stop before you reach the next river of lava, turn towards the mountain, and find the small hole that takes you to the cave of pearls.

Niceria and I were ecstatic to find that it wasn’t that hard to find the small opening to get into the cave. Niceria and I squeezed into it without any problems, though the raptor that was following us couldn’t manage to squeeze in. Niceria and I walked slowly down the narrow slope till we reached a large opening that was beautiful and green and shinning with crystal and pearls. I gasped at the beauty in the cave, the colors were remarkable. As I was marveling at the beauty in the cave Niceria did not forget the dangers. Her tears twitch ever so slightly as she heard a sliver along the ground. As the snake lifted to strike she turned with cunning speed and struck the snake down before it could get out a full hiss. I pet her and thanked her for reminding me that we were in a dangerous cave. We looked around the cave and there seemed to be no more dangers lurking in this first cavern. I set on food to gather up pearls while Niceria dutifully followed me.

I collected 2,000 pearls and decided to leave the rest for another soul that may be in need. I wasn’t greedy and this was plenty to get my back to work in the workshop. I loaded the pearls into Niceria’s travel pack and started to leave. Curiosity got the better of me though. Anubis had told me there was two other caverns in this cave that sometimes holds treasures. I had to see these treasures for myself, and the beauty of the cave was just too much to not see the rest. Niceria and I chose the path to the left first, for Anubis said the right passageway required a little swimming. We went through the first small passageway listening for the dangers we were told of.

We made it to the opening of a larger room and first thing I noticed was that Niceria and I were going to have to jump, and be very careful about it. She backed up just a little and sized up the gap in the land. It wasn’t that big, but the pathway up next was narrow. She jumped and with excellence landed on the next pathway. We slowly walked forward, careful to not get too close to either edge of the pathway, it looked like a long drop. We reached an area where the pathway widened but ran straight into the wall of the cavern. We look this way and that and saw we had to jump to the next narrow pathway. Niceria once again sized it up and jumped with excellence. She felt very confident in her strides as she walked quicker to the next jump. This next jump led to an archway and once she made it there it opened up into the giant room Anubis had described. There was pathway to the right leading to the lower level of the cave where there was a large deep watering hole with something glittering directly in the center at the bottom. Niceria and I looked around to see that this is where the dangers were. Snakes were resting in various clusters all over the lower level. Arthropluera were hiding along the cave walls, and even a few were up on the cavern ceiling waiting to pounce on unsuspecting travelers.

That’s when I saw it. One of those treasures Anubis described. It was in a golden diamond like shaped container, with an eerie glow to it. I jumped off Niceria and used my trusty crossbow this time. I shot an arrow into the nearest cluster of snakes and they all slithered off into the water. Next I shot another arrow into another cluster of snakes. Nothing. So I shot another. Once again, nothing. I shot once more, I supposed I just cannot get a hit. I mounted Niceria once more and questioned her readiness. She was ready and determined to prove herself. We both wanted to know what was in the glowing treasure box.  We walked half way down the ramp towards the snakes. The ones that slivered off into the water were at the edge, but they didn’t seem to be able to climb back out of the water pit. I could cross them off my list of worries for now. 

We looked ahead to see it seemed the cluster I couldn’t shoot took notice of us. They were all slithering towards us. Niceria took a step back and snapped once at the snakes that went to strike first. She killed two with one bite. I was feeling suddenly confident in her abilities. She stepped forward to meet the next three snakes. They got a few bites in on her but she kept biting and tearing at them killing all three without taking much damage. I no longer saw any more snakes in the area and the arthropluera that was waiting on the ceiling of the cave hadn’t moved. He seemed to be sleeping without a care that we were here. Niceria walked us over to the golden glow and I dismounted. It was at this moment I heard a hiss. I ran to jump back on Niceria so she could protect me from the oncoming snake. We looked around and didn’t see a snake anywhere near. Niceria looked down into the water to see two scorpions stuck in the watering hole. Try as they might, they couldn’t not get to us to attack. They swam away in defeat.

I dismounted again and went to the treasure. It was so pretty. I almost didn’t want to open it because I knew once I took it’s contents it would disappear, like all the treasure drops do here. I opened to box to see a wonderful treasure. A mastercraft pike blueprint! What a find! I can make one of these for all the family now! As soon as the drop disappeared, like I knew it would, there it stood. An atrhropluera was staring me there in the face. I about faced and mounted Niceria as fast as I could. It spat it bile at me shredding the hide clothes I’d just made for myself. Niceria was fearless as she stepped in and took a bite at the creature. As she sunk her teeth in she yelped and slung her head back and forth as the blood from the creature slung everywhere. We looked in horror at this creature for it’s blood was acidic as well! Niceria now knew this creature was going to be a rough thing to fight. She reared back and took another bite at the creature, injuring her mouth while doing so. She fought through the pain of the acidic blood and bit, tore and shredded the vile creature’s body till it fell to the ground with it’s final death rattle. Niceria shook her head back and forth to remove the excess of the foul creature’s blood from her mouth. She stepped over the body and gave it a kick as she passed. I gave her some petings and some prime meat chunks to nibble on as a reward for her brave efforts.

Now it was my turn. I dismounted her, disposed my broken clothes into her pack and dove into the water. I had to see what the shiny thing was in the center. Deeper I dove till I knew it would surely be dark had it not been for the glow from the mysterious box. I got to the glowing white box and thought to myself how it looked exactly like the random treasure boxes we find in this strange land. What luck! Maybe I’ll find another treasure in here! I opened the box to find a “artifact”. I’d never seen something so strange. I’m not sure what it’s for, but I take it anyways. It is called the “Artifact of the Pack”, which seems appropriate since I’m down here with a wolf! I grab the artifact and just like every other treasure box does, this one disappeared and I descended into darkness. I was suddenly overwhelmed with fear for I could hear the hiss of some snakes nearby and I was running rapidly out of oxygen. I swam as fast as I could to the surface and over to the ramp where Niceria waited for my return.

I placed the artifact in Niceria’s pack and mounted her to see about finding the other cavern within this cave. We traveled back the way we came, slightly less careful then before now that we knew the way. Once we reached the first cavern again Niceria and I went towards the other area that we knew we’d have to swim through. We followed the ramp past the cave entrance and down the winding passage way to the water. Niceria and I saw the hole we needed to swim through instantly. She sized up the water and took a jump, jumping just far enough she landed right over the hole and went straight through. She quickly found the ramp and climbed up. I could tell she was getting ready to go home. She quickly trotted through the narrow passage way into another large cavern and across the land bridge to the large plateau area where another white glowing drop awaited. I quickly dismounted and grabbed this box as well. Inside this box was an apprentice hide hat. I giggled to myself and slipped the hat onto my head knowing I looked funny wearing only a hide hat now that my other clothes were broken. I turned to remount Niceria when I saw it.

Something shot above my shoulder. It was white and silky. I turned to see what threw something at me and froze in horror as I saw 3 large araneo crawling towards me spitting their web at me. Niceria thought fast and quickly jumped between me and the araneo. She took quick sharp bites at them killing them with ease. She then walked back to me and nudged me with her nose. After a few moments I broke out of my fits of terror and went to pick up the box in the middle of the room. There was yet another artifact in the box, this one was the “Artifact of the Hunter”. It also seemed fitting, for without my hunter today I would have been a goner. I placed it in her pack and headed back to the entrance of the cave for Luanne was awake and ready to learn.  We quickly exited the cave, ran to the left again back towards twin lava. Once we reached twin lava Niceria caught her breath and launched herself into the water once more for the swim across.


We made it back down the beach to the family home and noticed a slight uproar. Bryan and Drew had called a meeting. We had been attacked quite recently by the Majinns, which left poor St. Nicholas and Tinsel, our giganotosaurus pets, in some great distress. The boys didn’t want to sit about and let someone do that to us. They were ready for retaliation. They we calling Kid Buu and Anubis to Pandor’s cove, where our home was, for a meeting and an alliance. They were all ready for action. I quickly took Niceria back to my workshop, leaving the pearls and artifacts we’d gathered together in her pack for safe keeping. I quickly made 5 mastercraft pikes and mounted Ritz to get back to the meeting. My brothers had already left the meeting, learning we could not ally yet and headed back to prepare for battle.

Bryan was already aboard the Arcadia, his pride and joy war ship, heading to the island where we would launch our attack. Kidd Buu, Anubis and Minds were all hunting nearby on an island we call half burnt. We had to be careful around each other since we cannot set up an alliance, because Anubis is well known for his hard hitting birds. I passed out the mastercraft pikes, one to Kid Buu, one to Anubis. I then flew to meet up with the Arcadia and Drew’s boat to give them one each as well. Bryan drove the Arcadia straight up to their base then he and Drew jumped onto the suicide pteranadons. These were tamed and taught only one task. Strap themselves with C4 and dive bomb the base. It made my insides cringe to know that we’d use these tames in war like this, but the brothers knew how to raid. This is how we must do things, which is why I prefer to stay in my workshop all the time. Bryan mounted ALAHUAKBAR and Drew mounted Majinn BOOM and flew fearlessly into battle. They ignored being pelted by the bullets from their turrets and flew in close and detonated the C4.

We saw red. Someone had died. Drew respawned in his bed, thankful he had one close enough to the war zone. The Majinn’s suddenly knew what was going on. Bryan’s boat was open firing on every tame they owned, killing them with ease. The Majinn’s mounted their birds that survived and flew off to safety. Kidd Buu and Anubis made quick work of them as they ran. Minds scouted the further out areas for anyone that escaped and quickly engaged in a battle of pteranadons over Iron Born Island where Ingen was constructing the new Jurassic Ark Park. The both fought valiantly, but Majin’s bird finally failed him. All the while Bryan is in the Arcadia shooting rockets at the foundations of their base preparing for its collapse.

Once we safely made it into their base and destroyed their beds we began to take their loot. I took some metal ingots for myself and placed it on Ritz for my workshop then helped the brothers fill up their quetzal, AC-1BIRDIE. To our surprise the two pteranadon suicide birds lived without so much as a scratch on them. They’d earned their war place with us. As we took out loot there was much salt being thown around in the main chat that we all magically see above our heads. We told Majins that we would not be back to hit them again. It was an eye for an eye, and we were done. After much family discussion we decided that if Majin decided to build back up, we were going to give them Majin BOOM as a sign of good faith. Majin BOOM accepted this offer and we stand awaiting the decision of the Majins.

Ritz and I took off for home, me telling Luanne all about the fearsome battle with much animation. So much for playing with Luanne today. But these things happen in our world and they cannot be avoided. I promised Luanne that tomorrow would be better and more peaceful. I took Ritz back into my workshop and parked her in her spot on the wall and crawled into bed with a great big sigh.

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