Need advice?

So I’ve been dating this guy for awhile and i think I’ve fallen for him to soon.

Ive been having this consistent thought on my mind a lot lately and i think I’m in love with him but  I’m super scared to tell him i love him because I’m scared of the way he’ll react to it.Its almost been 2 months and when you’re reading this i don’t want you to think i just fall in love with someone after a month or two because its not like that.We grew up together and we’d always  sneak little kisses and hold hands in public when family wasn’t around we were always super close but because we grew older and dated other people we didn’t really pay each other much attention but then after our relationships turned to shit we both confessed that we’ve had feelings for each other and how we fantasised a relationship with one another  but never really pursued that fantasy because the possibility of there being an us was impossible.I developed stronger feelings for him but he continued to bring his girlfriends around me and i was super jealous because i felt like if you confess your feelings towards me then why are you choosing them? why are you bringing them around me? did you mean what you said? do you not feel the same anymore?i was so confused.I just didn’t understand any of it .Then as years went on we finally decided we would date and here we are today its not great but i think i have stronger feelings for him than he does for me and that scares the absolute shit out of me dude because I feel like he’s still caught up on his ex-girlfriend so i feel like there’s no room for me,like i have no purpose with him and he tells me he wants this but his actions make it hard to believe him.Maybe im in love with him but i wouldnt know because the thought of love is buried underneath all the negative thoughts and i dont know what to do.


Should i walk away? should i stay? should i say i love him? 

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