Sick Day Off For YouTube

Soooooo today (oh uh, well, technically yesterday, because it’s literally two thirty in the morning right now, but whatevs) I was obscenely sick (thanks Mother Nature for finally delivering the latest copy of my lifetime subscription of Bloodbath Monthly WHICH I DON’T THINK I EVER ACTUALLY AGREED TO ORDERING BUT OH WELLLLLL) and all I could do was curl up in bed all day with my Totoro and watch YouTube videos while my poor dying phone was charging (hey don’t judge. There’s literally a plug right next to my pillow any normal person would use it to its full potential).

I watched Dan and Phil aka my heroes, and I read some fluffy fanfiction because ship priorities, but mostly I tried out a lot of other YouTuber’s videos because I thought I should tune into a larger variety of vids instead of just watching a select few. This is why I try out new music even when I don’t know what the hell I’m listening to. This, in turn, is why I always wear headphones when trying out new music, because once the randomized radio suggested/played a “song” that turned out to be……….uh……….well…………

Let’s just say I was REALLY fucking glad I was wearing headphones that time.

I watched a lot of OnisionSpeaks videos (because there are a-fucking-LOT of them dear god this person literally has thousands of videos on his multiple channels whyyy) because I’d never even heard of them before, and some of them were really funny, like the one where he answers some dumb questions. Kinda rude and harsh, but funny.

I mean, I got sort of (read: REALLY) irrationally angry (i.e. SUPER PISSED) when Greg (I mean seriously can you believe a guy who speaks like this is named something as harmless as Greg) started talking about Dan and Phil and how they were boring or useless or annoying, because the best way to get me into Highly Defensive Fangirl Mode is to somehow insult Dan, Phil, Hayley Williams, or a combination of those three people. Or my ship.

ESPECIALLY when I’m on the * dun dun dun * CRIMSON CURSE!!!!!

But I mean, whatever. I got mad but, everyone has their own opinion, and there are some other YouTubers that I think are boring or dumb, I just don’t make snarky videos about it.

Onision is an interesting person/YouTuber and he makes interesting videos, so I think I’ll watch some of his better ones–not the ones that are just downright MEAN though, because hoo boy, he has a ton of videos about things he hates, and I don’t need to make myself angry by watching that kind of negativity. Lots of people hate him, and maybe they have good reasons, but some of his videos are really very funny.

I mean, I also thought about some watching LeafyIsHere videos, but I did some research (read: I Googled him) and found out that he’s supposed to be really mean–basically he’s supposed to be a cyberbully/asshole. Idk if that’s true or not, since I’ve never seen any of his videos, but……maybe I shouldn’t risk watching them and supporting an adult cyberbully. Not trying to offend any reptilians or anything. I mean. Leafy is super cute in the pictures I see on Tumblr. Maybe he just has a lot of haters?

Hmm. A lot of other stuff to say, but it’s nearly four now, so uh……..I should get some sleep. Geez, with all these dot-dot-dots, I sound like Alphys when she’s ringing up Toto (yeah yeah, their name is Frisk)(but they’ll always be Toto to me because Dan and Phil).

Have a good day and stay chill. It’s New Year’s Eve today yay! Get ready for the death of 2016 aka the murderous hellstorm that was this year.

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