Let’s get it out in the open
For too long we’ve been hiding
Say what you mean
but I’m also entitled to the same damn thing

You want my honest opinions,
but you’re never really ready
You want me to say what you only want to hear
My long, overdue, and pent-up rage is your biggest fear

Get it out in the open
Is that what you’re really saying?
It’s too late, I think
I’ve been way outside your little comfort zone

You don’t want my honesty
It’s too brutal for you to see
You just want me to keep quiet,
or else I’ll wreck your perfect little world
turning it into a hell-hole riot

Well, I’m out in the open now
Is that supposed to be a ‘wow’?
I don’t even need your permission nor approval
In your eyes, I’m still the same old nothing-but-trouble

You want the old me back,
just to make up for what you lack
Such an unfair comparison
just to get you to win this nonexistent competition

What do you care?
Seriously, have you ever really been there?
I ain’t got nothing more to give,
not if you keep thinking I’m just being overly sensitive!


(Jakarta, 27/12/2016 – 8:15 am)

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