My Cell Phone and Why I can’t/don’t use Smart Phones

I have an incurable disease called Hyper Hydrosis. This is a disease of excessive sweating on hands, feet and arm pits.

Mine is as extreme case of sweeting form the hands. My hands don’t just sweat they are taps which pump out water 24/7 in summer and in winter they get so dry that the skin peals of like a snake skin.

When the skin peals of… that is the most difficult time. New skin takes a long time to reappear and during that time my hands become extremely sensitive a mildly warm cup of tea when touches feels like I have placed my hand on fire.

Its hot in Pakistan 11 month of the year.

When I use any touch screen device water droplets keep falling on the screen from my finger tips thus destroying the touch system of every device. It is damn difficult for me to wipe out the screen after writing every line.

Once I did went through all this trouble of wiping the screen time after time, every time, multiple times during a minute use. After a month the screen started to get blurry and bubbles started pooping up on the screen. The LCD was destroyed by being moist all the time.

Often I had to wipe my hands again and again and then wipe the screen and then wipe the hands again.

So 3 year ago when I started University I got this mobile and I have using it since then. I made my life so much easier in a lot of way.

I drop this cell phone nearly everyday, multiple times, and like I said I have this mobile for 3 years, it’s three years of falling on the ground every single day. It is still fine. Only the vibration system broke a couple of weeks ago.

As you might have guessed this cell phoned doesn’t have much fancy features but it does have the following




Fake Call










Stop Watch

Wait it has all the stuff that a cell phone must have. YES the thing this cell phone doesn’t have is all the junk that makes everyone look down all day long at their cell phones.

This cell phone has made my life easy in every way.

The main thing that I require firm a cell phone due to my incurable disease is BUTTONS which now none of latest cell phones possess.

When I use my laptop which I have to use a lot… A LOT… due to the nature of my work and education, I continuously have to wipe it with towel or a lot of, A LOT OF, tissues or else I might fry my keyboard.

One thing that I find funny is whenever someone finds out about my condition, if he is guy, the first thing he says is “You don’t need lubricant when you…” if you get what I mean. This happens a lot.

Also I can’t write without a huge stack of tissue or a towel under my hand.

Once in an exam I forgot to bring my huge stack of tissues so I used a ball pen [I can’t use pen cause the water flowing out of my hands messes everything up] cause if I was to use a pen my sheet would become a blue art piece with thousand of randomly scattered lines and blotches.

The professor the room, who had never seen anything like that before, got so worried that he asked me he nearly asked me if he should call an ambulance. That is how severe my case is.

So I am living with this thing. For some reason after all these years[the first time I remember this happening during an exam was when I was in the 5th grade that was 10 years ago] I have accepted it as a part of my life and long ago I stopped looking for a cure.

This is part of me. I accept it and I live with it.

Oh and also in every sport where you have to hold stuff… stuff slips out of my hand often due to the same reason.

Also I nearly always have to wipe my hand with any part of the clothes I’m wearing before shaking hands with someone.

It would be awkward when you shake a wet hand with someone, in my case soaking wet. 🙂  

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  1. Yup. I’m another smart phone loving American. I’m not a fan of Apple products though. I’m glued to my Samsung Galaxy.

    I like all the ways that you listed your phone helps your life, but does not take over it.

    Your condition sounds fascinating. I really love the way you take it in stride!

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