First Day of New

Warning-I cuss, I am rude (possibly crude), and I don’t proof-read ever. Enjoy 🙂 

Today was awesome… long story but I’ll tell you why.

I was going to write an entry last night and even got as far as starting, but after a paragraph I really did not feel like it was anything of importance and decided to sleep instead. Well, after today I have come to reconsider the importance of yesterday, and I have 20 more minutes to kill while I wait for mac&chz to bake (at 11pm), I’ll get to that too. 

So today was my first day at a new job. I just graduated with my bachelor’s degree in December and was lucky enough to have this job lined up and ready to go. As part of my ‘yay! no more school!’ and ‘mentally prep for a new job’, last night I decided to do a little pre-spring cleaning. Over the past 3 years of being back in school I have accumulated a ton of crap. I save everything. For no reason. It’s not like I could ever actually find anything useful in my notes from previous classes to help with other classes anyways << I actually tried before giving up and going to google. So… I had notebooks and binders and textbooks stashed in 4 different areas of my house and I went through ALL of them. OMG. Talk about major pain. I was actually pretty excited about checking this task off my to-do list until it was done and I realized that completing this task only created more tasks to add to my to-do list. So I started to stress (it is what I do). I had papers to be shredded, papers to be trashed, papers to be filed (found my 2014 taxes!!), books to be sold, newly empty binders to do I don’t even know what with… grr. 

Well when I start to get stressed out I like to just go stare at my husband. LOL He loves it. My husband plays video games and usually has noise-cancelling headphones on so he hardly ever hears me approaching. I could just tap him on the shoulder but that is no fun. So when I get stressed I go bug my husband because it is his job to make me feel better and make me realize that I am stressing over really stupid things… like shredding papers. Unfortunately he did not have his headphones on so I didn’t get to scare him, but he did still make me feel better. It was decided that I was not really stressed about my cleaning adventure but more so about starting my new job. He is like my free in-house psychologist.

So everything up to this point is was I decided was not important last night…

Unlike most people (most likely), what stresses me out about starting a new job is NOT starting the job itself, but the change in routine that follows. I get very anxious when I feel like I am running late and I am very schedule oriented in regards to just about everything. My new job has a commute of about 45 minutes without traffic (probably an hour with) so my primary concern is being able to stick to our evening schedule of picking up my daughter, playtime, dinner, bath, reading, and bed at 8pm. I am the primary person to do all of those things. My husband will help on occasion but it is really difficult for him and easier for me to do it. Well part of this being a new year and me asking for help, I did. And he kinda reminded me to ask too. 


Last night my husband and I cooked a new recipe together and during dinner agreed  it would have gone great with the steak I forgot to cook (my bad…). It was decided that we would try again tonight and just have the leftover and actually cook the steak. This is all something I would usually have to do when I get home BUT tonight when I left work my husband let me know that he had already started dinner AND picked up our daughter. By the time I walked in the door dinner was almost done and I was able to just sit in the living room and do a puzzle with my daughter. I cannot think of a time that I have ever been able to do that. I have always been the caregiver and am very rarely taken care of. Like I could seriously cry – that’s how happy I was. During dinner tonight we went ahead and decided as a family what our dinner plans would be for tomorrow and it looks like we should have a repeat of today. My husband agreed to make dinner and have it ready if I was able to do some of the prep work. Our daughter’s request was mac&chz and Kielbasa. Mac&chz is my specialty and since I won’t have time tomorrow I am making it tonight. Tomorrow all my husband will need to do is just reheat it while he cooked the kielbasa. If everything goes according to plan, this makes the third night in a row that we are eating-in. I swear that has to be a record!

And if you read my previous entry-all this was without having to even bring up my “new year – new you” plan, which would have most likely been an argument. This accomplishment was purely my husband and I picking meals and making a plan together. Only took 9 years to get there but we may have finally figured out that whole communication thing people talk about… (har har).

Work was great too by the way! 


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