Who am I?

What do I want? What am I here for? Where do I go from here? What do I do?Who am I? These questions, aren’t they perplexing? How can I answer these questions to someone else when I dont know the answers myself?

What is the purpose of my life? Why have I been brought to this world if I had no contribution to make, was I here to hear all those hurtful, stressing and heaet-breaking comments I get on daily basis. Or is it those hateful stares I get every now and then that I had to bear, was I brought to this world for everyone to come for help and vanish when I needed them. How am I supposed to tell others who am I? Just a girl living her life every day, passing the days or killing the time some other days. Waiting for sun to rise and then to set and watch it riae again. Passing this world on day to day basis, living in an imaginary world with imaginary friends and family and a house with big green lands that spread as far as eye can see. These lands have alot of trees, apples and apricots and almonds and pines and berries, the water flowing near-by, the clattering of horses and those flavours of spices mixed in the air are everywhere. She has a big house and her own farm. The house is big and welcomes all those who come to its doors, it has comforting beds and yummy foods served thrice daily alongwith teas in the evenings and nights. It has a pool which is very refreshing in summers and a beautiful sight to see in winters covered in that white snow. Thats where she lives with her servants who are sincere to her and she’s polite and humble to them. They’re living their lives happily ever since she made that imaginary world.

The world she passes day by day is another story, a story with chilli lights in it, a story she feels not to share today.Ok, we’ll wait for the day she is ready to share it.We’ll wait patiently and eagerly and happily, we’ll familiarize her before we get to know her, I know she’s a wonderful person to talk to, but for now I guess this is all she wants to share.

2 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. Your imaginary world is so beautiful! I wish I could visit there. You have a lovely imagination!

  2. Thankyou @savedbygrace, i just wrote it randomly and im glad that you liked it. I’ll write more from that world very soon.

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