Cold and Frosty Sunday Morning….

 Extremely cold here. No snow, but we are in the middle of an Arctic Blast. It rarely gets this cold here and honestly homes are not built for it. The downstairs is really cold. Last night I had a nice roaring fire to keep it warm. Upstairs stays rather warm, sometimes hot, but the furnace is catching Hades keeping up.

This is a weekend of comfort food. I have made Mac & Cheese, Chili, Beans, working on a pot of soup and currently fixing a pot of Chip Beef Gravy for S.O.S.

I guess I am glad we did not get enough snow to play in, I need a fuel line repair on my Jeep and could use new tires on the 4×4 Truck. I have not started my antique Honda ATC “Big Red”, so I am not sure even it would run on a short notice. So there was nothing in the stable to go play in the snow.

Been over dosing on movies since I started a Netflix account. Really liked Captain America : Civil War. The other night we watched 4 movies back to back!

The aches and pains of my old body are back with a vengeance today. Maybe it is the cold, just do not know. I was bragging about splitting firewood for the fire and getting a nice stack on the patio, but perhaps I am paying for that now. This morning I have had to take pain meds and extra muscle relaxers just to deal with this. My right shoulder is getting louder with the pops and crunches as it moves and my right hip aches a lot. The right hip, I can hold my hand on it and feel it grinding and crunching as I walk. It is bad, but not bad enough to talk to my Pain Doc about as I fear he would want to do an injection into the joint. I am a big chicken and the pain has not over ridden my fear of that type of injection.

Finally got Debbie’s new Laptop computer charged and operating! Still need to connected the printer and sound system, which are supposed to be wireless connections.

Guess this is all for now.

Peace and many blessings to all. 

Stay safe and warm and check on family and friend’s and those with out.

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