A Mild Evening

January, 2017

  Last night wasn’t that bad with the physical disturbances. I did feel them a little, but not to a large degree really. I just stocked up on sleep-aids yesterday and I took three doses of it before I went to bed last night, so maybe I just passed out quicker than usual. What I do remember hearing was a strange deep voice emerging over the motor noise of my refrigerator last night before I went to sleep. It was a rather strange voice. I think I had heard it before.

  For the most part, I hear the same voices. In the very beginning of this situation back in 2015, I was hearing numerous voices, dozens probably, too many to keep track of. Some voices would come and go, others would stick around for a while. To the best of my observation, there has only been one voice that has stuck around the whole time and that is the younger female sounding voice that I even remember hearing on my EVP recordings starting back in February, 2015. This was during the second month of my EVP experimentation, back when the negative voices started to show up on my recordings. I remember hearing this younger sounding (maybe late teens, early twenties) female voice several times on my recordings back then. Even then she had something of a bad attitude. There was a couple of occasions where I was experimenting with various background noises while recording to see if I could make the voices come over louder. I do remember a few occasions back then when I heard her voice coming over the background noise in real time, while I was recording and not just upon playback.

   That should have been a red flag for me right there, a major warning. This was before I was attacked by the voices (with voices), so I had no clue at the time of what was coming down the road. But, looking back now, hearing her voice those times coming in over various noises in real time should have freaked me out a little more than it did, but back then I just didn’t know and I was naïve.

 This younger female sounding voice has been the most present and the most abusive throughout this whole experience. I used to call her “#1” because she’s been around since the very beginning, but because of her cruelty, abusiveness and over all bad attitude, I’ve recently been referring to her as “Pippy the Nazi.”

  Other voices seem to come and go. I’ll hear them on a particular occasion, but then I won’t hear them again for quite some time. These days, I’m definitely not hearing as many voices as I was back in the Spring and Summer of 2015. It is difficult to say however if each of these voices represents a separate entity. I have been dealing with these entities for quite a while now but I certainly do not know all of their abilities. Perhaps they have the ability to change their voice. Perhaps one entity can speak with numerous voices at different times, perhaps even at the same time.

  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what these voices that I hear sound like to me now, is nothing like how they sounded back in the very beginning during the first month of my EVP recording in 2015. Back then, they sounded friendly and benevolent. It was only during the second month and from then after that these voices switched to being harassing and malevolent.

  So, it’s hard for me to say how many spirit attachments I have. I don’t rule out the possibility that just one entity is the culprit here. Then again, just by what I hear and feel, I suspect quite often that there is in fact more than one around me most of the time. But, it’s simply impossible for me to say with any degree of certainty.

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