No love

As I’m starting to get to know this man I live with…I became so overwhelmed that it actually helped me to get back to myself.


You gotta let a person fuck up to know whats up. Just like telling a student to not skip school…they gotta skip school first to really know what I’m talking about. Reason it helped me that this whole time with what I WOULD like a man how to act or do things, Im already in the wrong because I cant control. But I always said to myself..if I can prevent I will try to say or do what I can to “control or change” the situation. But really in the end..I’m not in control of shit…so hey..let that man fuck up wit his decision…I’m not obligated to be with someone like that..funny how when you see ppl true colors..your like wait hold up…what the hell do I really like about you?? Lmao..all good though..Im glad I can understand what I’m thinking…cuz mf makes you look and sound crazy..

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