Really? Again..*sigh*

He’s still with a patient or making lunch. It’s two pm where he is. I have time to wait before I have to go to work. It’s just after 8 and I work at 11:30. But I’ve been waiting on him for 50mins. He’s with a patient he’s not ignoring me…Ugh damn drop. No it’s okay, drop is what it is. I’m okay everything is fine. Nothing changed over night, I didn’t do anything wrong. All is well. His patients need to f off…eh that’s not fair he’s helping them that’s his job. It’s okay, he’s busy, He explained that shortly after you got with him. It has nothing to do with you, or anything you’ve done. Lets log into SL and see who’s about to chat with. It’ll keep us busy for a bit. Should eat too low bloodsugars aren’t good. Hrm got some brown rice I can make up. Yumm and drop helpy too. Hehe gonna go make that..might miss Sir’s message…It’s okay he’ll wait he normally does. So food then if Sir hasn’t answered. SL. Good plan.

Got food, logged into SL no Sir, it’s been a little over an hour since I greeted him. I was about 20mins late. I’m afraid I missed our window.Damn it. He’s not replying so I probably did. Gah. I need to get up ealier, being sick doesn’t make that easy. It’ll be okay and we’ll try again another day. It’s all alright. No it’s not. I fail at life..Now stop it it’s fine. This has happened before and he was fine. He’s probably just running late with a patient. I just don’t have all morning to wait on him.Wish skype on my phone worked so I could have that signed in and get his messages that way. I’m gonna work on that to pass the time.

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