January 10, 2017

God you are so fucking annoying. Why can’t you get over yourself for one god damn second? Giving me another chance wouldn’t be disrespecting yourself. You act like I would do it over and over. I FUCKING promise you that if you were mine again I would never let you go. But I guess I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, in general good enough for you. You say that you cared about me but that’s a bunch of bs I don’t care what you say to me I will never believe that you cared for me like the way you say you did. All I’m asking for is one fucking chance. How come I always give people second chances but I never get one in return. I’m not disrespecting myself I’m being a fucking compassionate person. I hate that I still want you because you don’t care at all and it’s so disgusting that I have to sit here and prove myself to you. I wish it could all be done and I could find someone else to replace your memory. You hurt me so bad and you continue to hurt me by acting like you care. Acting like you’re a fucking angel sent from above. I am so sick of you and yet I can’t get enough of you. No matter what I say or do you will always be selfish and that’s how I KNOW you don’t care about me. People who care about one another give chances. If you really wanted me you would’ve fought for me. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted, was to be fought for. But you don’t care and this is exactly how I know you don’t.

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